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29 May
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uzair yousaf4444 1 month ago

Yeah i totally agree with you. We should guide and teach other in a better way. Hope for the best. 

Don Christov 1 month ago

We really should teach them right buddy and we will in turn be making the platfrom better for all of us

Faith Patrick 1 month ago

I concur with all you've said. It's better to correct and teach them with love instead of downvoting. That button should only be used when they refuse to learn.

Don Christov 1 month ago

Exactly very well said. When they do not heed to corrections then we downvote and report. But many I've found are willing to learn

Bestfred Erondu 1 month ago

Awesome! Exactly the way I see it. Such things are better done the right way and at the right time. I commend you for your comment.

You are a genius, Lady Faith.

Faith Patrick 1 month ago

Thanks Mr Erondu. I almost called you bestfriend. I'm glad you can relate to my point

Bestfred Erondu 1 month ago

Yes, Lady Faith, the point you made was an outstanding one and so any good-minded person can easily relate to it.

Hmmm, my name is Bestfred and not best friend. Let me not forget to tell you that you, my dear, are so blessed and beautiful.

Precious Francis 1 month ago


I've never believed in down voting....

If by chance, we don't find a post nice, we shouldn't downvote it, rather  we should guide the person who posted it. 

Anees Khalid 1 month ago

Yeah senior people should provide proper guidance to the newbies, as to promote them and uptrend...

Duty of senior to help junior in any dept.

Don Christov 1 month ago

Yeah the seniors here really need to help the junior guys, or else the platform will be ruined

Umar Farooq 1 month ago

Anees I'm also new here, and I found seniors are very helpful for the newcomers.

Don Christov 1 month ago

Hello there Sonia how are you doing. I would love to help if you need any help

Don Christov 1 month ago

That's very good my friend

Umar Farooq 1 month ago

I visited your profile, it's fabulous Don, keep doing exquisite work.

Don Christov 1 month ago

Thank you for the kind words. I just try to do my bit to put out good stuff

Ahmad Raza 1 month ago

This is right bro.this could be very helpful for every one.hope you are safe and sound.

Thanks 😊😘 for this newbies

May God bless you and your family

Don Christov 1 month ago

Its no problem, I am just playing my part to make Uptrennd better

Joeblack Stone 1 month ago

It is bad to be looking for shortcuts, people don't want to work, I had a similar conversation with someone on this platform too, but I turned him down.let's be guided pls, and please teach them right

Don Christov 1 month ago

Really we should teach them the right way to do things here. Some are willing to learn







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