Talking about lead wallet

Lead wallet is a simple muticrypto wallet for several kinds of crypto related transactions which would be made available for users worldwide.

Lead wallet is designed to send, receive and stake your crypto with just a simple click.

Lead wallet mobile app is set to lunch it's Beta App in October which would be available for both Android and iOS.

You can join the lead wallet telegram group ​Here​​​ and stand a chance to win free lead tokens from the various community events.

Trust me when I say it always rains alot of lead tokens at the events .😎😋💃

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Raheem Rao
27 Sep

Thanks  for talking  about that wallet 

I don't  know about it 

I am using trust wallet 

I will try it soon 


Chidiebere Christian
27 Sep

I will join and see how it goes. I pray it pays just like Uniswap and it's just going to be awesome if it happens


Dozie Kash
27 Sep

Now yu have clearly explained this. Hope when I join you can share me some of the tokens yu have been earning😁


Muqaddas Hussain
27 Sep

It is good opportunity for all.crypto design wallet is be beautiful.


Antonio de Roseman
27 Sep

This is good to hear about lead i will certainly download it thanks for this information


Lead Wallet





Lead Wallet is the simplest decentralized multi-cryptocurrency wallet for different kinds of crypto related transactions. As a result, in order to encourage mass adoption and usage, Lead will ultimately be a platform that will be accessible to users worldwide via Apple and Android devices. This will enable users of Lead Wallet to store their cryptocurrencies while they control their private keys, exchange/swap, pay with cryptocurrencies for hundreds of utility bills, products and services without the need for fiat conversion. In order to actualize Lead’s vision, it starts with creating a secure bank-grade e-Wallet infrastructure that will host and accommodate multiple blockchain systems with the ability to store, send, receive, exchange/swap cryptocurrencies at any time.


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