Change they say is constant or inevitable and I agree.

Humans are agents of change and it's why we are able to improve and upgrade.

When we refuse change then we can only blame ourselves for the consequences that follow. 

It's no news that flower posts and all sorts of low quality contents have started getting special attention by Guardians and the community. 

​And I can tell you for free, Old users are more guilty of this act than new users.

A tutorial/orientation is a solid idea, but I think it's a small part of the solution, as there are other human factors that aids spamming and low quality. Some factors such as Greed, Laziness, Level of Education.

Funny enough, a large number of those who enjoy posting these flower and crap post's are Oldbies. Yes, I see lots of old users writing these low quality content and I know the issue is beyond being a newbie or orientation.

There are thousands of post on Uptrennd that will make most new users become quality content writers, but yet we find every reason to put the blame on the newbie tag. 

Uptrennd is a place not only for creativity and passion, but also to earn. And the earn part is what motivates Spammers to engage the most.

When the motivation is based just on earning then there is a huge problem, because then nothing matters than to earn 1UP Tokens. 

People who know me can testify I won't hesitate to help those in need. But there has to be a balance, while we show so much love, we must never lose sight of the main goal(Uptrennd).

Action they say, speaks loud and clear than words, and I agree. We can keep smiling and showing love, which is awesome, but people will keep taking advantage by just doing what they like.

The focus must be in passing a message across, one that will leave a mark on the reader.

This is why all sorts of low quality must be discouraged. it can't continue for too long, because it's not healthy for our ecosystem. 

There are definitive actions for breaking the rules, and I see a huge success in just 3 days of showing tough love to those who want to destroy the photography and nature community.

I love nature so much and it breaks my heart to see these two powerful communities losing relevance, due to the countless number of shitty and crappy, flower, good morning, good evening, low quality posts. 

The change must begin with every user on Uptrennd, we must take responsibility for our actions/consequences, and be intelligent enough to know when to do something different or try another method.

A downvote, mute, or warning should be enough to make smart people take action and work hard to correct mistakes.

The Newbie's will be guided and put in the right direction, but they will have to learn fast and take the right steps.

For the Oldbies, it's no chill from me, as I wont even consider a warning, we must set the right examples for those coming or else's we set a bad trend.

You can give a man fish, but can't force him to eat it. 

Trenndians are loving people, I see lots of quality posts advising, teaching, correcting on how to make great impact here.

​Let us all take responsibility for ourselves here, always be eager to improve, ask questions, work hard, watch what others are doing right and learn a thing or two.

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Uptrennd to the Moon and back then straight to Nigeria. #EndSARS



Fiha Shah

I agree with you we should take responsibility collectively to make this platform unique, quality content and spam free. Change is better for all of us and it always comes from us. We all have to be careful while posting and it's duty to guide the newbies.



Eric Mannie

Yeah I'm glad these flowers and nonsense photography posts are being downvoted now,and I hope they learn their mistakes and become good contest writers

It's true that humans only learn the hard way



Chukwubueze Esomonu

Thank you for this Adelan bro.

I used to actually think that the newbies are thr causes for the low quality posts but beyond that right now, we have the oldbies who propagate that and the newbies are learning!

Speaking of the flower posts it breaks my heart to see that some persons are really messing up with the nature we admire by producing either low quality posts or Comment which are very annoying 😡



Sultan Baloch

We should have to change ourselves by adopting some new things in our lives which motivate us and help us to gain a good status. I always try to improve my work and I always put good message at the end of my post. 

I know consistency and hard work are necessary for members on any platform. 

We have to improve our work and have to decrease our spamming activities. 

We should never blame on newbies instead we have to focus on ourselves. 



Sadiq Raimi Adewale

What a resourceful information from a gifted guardian, it pains me to the marrow when seeing some particants loading their low equality engagement in  the both nature and photography communities especially the old board, this is unfair despite the fact that everyone always laugh at the end are of each post and we need to work for the token we earn correctly because the newbie are capitalizing on what they meet on the ground and  it is high time we change for better.

You can easily take force on horse to the bank of the river but you enforce it to drink from the calabash, constant muting and all forms of chastisement shall be leveled on the old participants by the indomitable guardian and the newbie will be well guided from the both guardian and the resourceful old participants to grab easily and very fast.








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