Take care of your teeth and get beautiful smile

💖Asalam o alaikum people

Hope you are doing good and enjoying 2up day💖

😁Today I'm here to tell you about dental care and health😁

We all do exercise for fit body we do skim pampering head massage oiling feet and hands care but most of us forgot to take care of mouth and teeth....

😃Having healthy clean and shinning teeth is very important for a perfect smile i would say smiling is also exercise of our healthy body and peaceful mind also for attractive personality😀

👉👨‍⚕️Add these steps to your routine to get healthy and painless teeth👩‍⚕️👈

👉1st main step is brush your teeth twice a day never skip this step and brushing should be done for atleast 2 minutes use soft bristles brush because harsh brush can harm your teeth... brush in a proper way it will help to clean plaque deposition

👉Mouth wash or gargle is must after every meal you can not brush after meal but doing mouth wash is must food paricles which are left in mouth for long time will create yellow color of teeth and it may create teeth health problems and cause bad breath smell you can do simple water mouth wash extra food particles and micro organism will be flush out use luke warm water you can also add little amount of salt in it it's good for teeth

👉Visit any good dentist after one or two months because doctors are much knowledgeable than us if there is any infection or disease in teeth they will cure it early 

👉Many people get toothache or severe pain in mouth reasons may vary use can consult dentist also i would share homemade tip 

🍃Put clove in your mouth 

🍃 you can masage teeth with aloe Vera gel 

🍃gargle with saline warm water it helps to reduce pain salt water is anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial ingredient....

🍃Homemade remedies for teeth🍃

👉Remedy 1👈

🥀Buy alum from market and make it fine crystal powder and add little amount of black pepper powder in it then add few drops of lemon water use this solution daily on your teeth just like you do brush it will give instant result you will get white shinning teeth🍃

👉Remedy 2👈

🥀Take your toothpaste and add few pinches of turmeric powder in it make a paste and use it twice a day through tooth brush this is also used by me i got instant result within a week🍃

👉Remedy 3👈

🥀Take 1 spoon of backing soda add lemon drops mix well and brush your teeth with this solution atleast once a week if you are smoker and have very yellow teeth you must use it twice a week this is my favourite remedy🍃

🤓😁Try these super easy remedies to get healthy white teeth and smile everytime thank me later🙈



Raazi Khan
26 Jan

Waaao its so effective. Dental care is essential. We should not quit that


Sana ullah khan
26 Jan

We should take special care of our teeth and at a young age, we give these things to the children, then it spoils their teeth and then when they grow for them, it causes their teeth pain


Shahid Iqbal
26 Jan

Discoloring or yellowish of teeth is a common problem of many people. Brushing of teeth should be a regular act because if don't brush even a single day, it can affect the teeth badly. You have told good tips for the whitening of teeth, thanks for sharing these tips 


Atanda Davido
26 Jan

Having routine cleanings every six months helps to promote good oral health and a beautiful smile.


Adetola Muheez
26 Jan

Thanks Fatima for this piece..Ilbeen longing for white teeth..the remedies r here..il saving this right away to try n see results.

Beautiful smile, shiny white teeth







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