Take care of the people around you, that is one of the purposes of life

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I went to the bazaar today. I bought some of my own and then went home. On the way back, I saw peanuts on a wheelbarrow. I thought I'd buy peanuts for home. 

I bought half a kg of peanuts. My eyes fell on the one who was watching me weighing peanuts with very innocent eyes. I told him to double the shopper. He found it difficult to double the shopper, so I thought maybe he was new to his business.

I asked him at the same time , is your First time in this business? 

He looked down and said softly without looking at me, the house expenses were not being met so I thought I should quit my studies and do some work. There was a moment of silence in my mind and tongue. 

I bought more peanuts than I needed and told him, "Son, no job is too small." Whatever you do, do it wholeheartedly and remember your Lord. Glory be to Allah, He will provide for your every need. 

After taking it, I went home. But along the way, my mind was there. I was wondering how we ignore the poor. How they live their lives we never thought. Our religion, Islam, urges us to help others. Always think about the people around you. 



Nouman Yousaf
30 Nov

Poverty is big problem in our country.Mostly people are poor and thier life is so much hard.According to islam we should help those people who are facing problems and difficulties.  


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