Take action, Faucets are amazing

Hello Uptrenndians!

If you have not started with staking your Satoshi or Altcoins, now is the best time to do so.

Faucets are amazing and in a few years you will get way less for what you get now for simple rolls.

Please see this as a mid/long-term thing and set the foundation of a better future now.

Just look back a few years ago, there you could earn more than one Bitcoin at Faucets! Yes, this is no joke.

We are early adopters and things will change and with it the amount you get from Faucets.

There are so many of them out there, a lot of them want you to upgrade and are fake, unfortunately this happens and people take advantage of that, but there are enough that just work and have a record of proof.

I tested probably over 100 different faucets so far, around 50 of them works. But I know this is a lot actually, so let's keep it simple.

The following ones are actually super easy, take a bit to withdraw, but this is a marathon, not a sprint.

Take action and start now.


Betfury: ​25 Sats every 20 minutes​​​

Bonus Bitcoin: average 10 Sats every 15 minutes (change your claim settings under the claim button -> Always receive the average claim amount)

Free Litecoin: ​around 1700 Litoshi every 60 minutes​​​

Free Ethereum: ​around 200 Gwei every 60 minutes​​​


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