Take action and succeed

After bathing that night heading toward my room I heard a sound like drops of running water, I was disturbed so I went to check because the sound was consistent, I went toward the direction of the sound and it led me to the bathroom were I lift not long ago, guess what I discover; I started laughing because at first I was scared when the sound first came, I discovered it the bucket I use in bathing that was directly beneath the tap in the bathroom and the tap was just letting down drops of water every minute even second very tiny drops.

After I discovered the tap in the bathroom bringing out drops of water in the bucket beneath it, I quickly went back to the room, I had a stressed and hectic day so I was unable to do any other work that night so I immediately went to sleep.

The next morning after my usual morning prayer I went to the bathroom to take my bath and prepare for work, guess what, the dropping water filled the bucket to the top and was overflowing pouring on the floor in the bathroom, I was perplexed and I acclaimed ‘’how come damnnnnnn’’ I quickly ran and turn the tap off completely.

Now, this is the lesson from this little story;

You may not have started smoothly this year, some of you started things and businesses but quit along the road, some of you because of fear have not been able to take that bold step and get out of your comfort zones, just as the little dropping water the journey of a thousand miles start with a step, you need to take that bold step and start something and be consistent in it, don’t give up, little by little your cup will be full and run over, you may have started learning a skill and a lot of people call you to insult you to discourage you, don’t give up continue and be consistent it will all end in glory.



Hania Noor
25 Jan

An amazing lesson keeping post.. it yields a lesson that anything which we consider waste is not in an actual.... We shoukd never give up things tiny droplets when combine they make a huge river....

We just take inspiration feom this lesson as well


KimJoe Abara
26 Jan

Yes... Actions is better than believe...

Take actions.. if not you Will not succeed..

Just start with a step.. and you can go from there


Lummy Ayeni
26 Jan

This is such a pleasant post ,nice description and good lessons thanks for sharing buddy.


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