Take a look at this catfish

Good evening everyone.

I trust we are all back from the church? This is my entry to sir Navi creative photography contest. I took this picture last week, i didn't know a contest like this will come, i would have taken more of the pictures.

I want to share with you some of the facts about catfish. I bought this catfish last week, but I couldn't prepare it because of my busy schedule. I noticed two things about catfish when i put them on the water.

One of the things i noticed was 

1.  Catfish are capable of breathing through their skin, which is why most varieties of catfish lack scales and have smooth, mucus-covered skin.

When I and my brother slaughtered this fish, I was washing it with salt, could you imagine that this catfish jumped out of my hand after being cut into pieces? I was shocked and surprised because i have cut the fish 😳😳.

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These are some additional facts about catfish.

A catfish has around 100,000 taste buds, and their bodies are protected to help detect chemicals in the water and to respond to the touch.

. Some ancient civilizations used to keep catfish in their latrine ponds as a natural way to get rid of waste.

.  When catfish needs to be moved to another pool or body of water, they will pick up themselves and walk for a short distance and still come back to the water again

. Catfish are one of the fish that have an organ called the Weberian apparatus, which they use to interact with each other underwater. The Weberian apparatus also aims to enhance its hearing capacity.

. Catfish makes noises by rubbing parts of the body together underwater.

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Hameed khan
17 Jan

Nice pics of the catfish. We like to eat fish in winter. These are good to keep the body warm in winter season.

Hoping for the best for your entry


MCcoy MCcoy64
17 Jan

Thats a lovely picture and entry.Next time share it pepper soup lol.Wish you best of luck...


Eunigold Paul
17 Jan

Lol, okay I will do that next time


Atanda Davido
17 Jan

I'm definitely going to my bus stop now to get a grilled catfish, this picture just made me start thinking about the fish.


Eunigold Paul
17 Jan

Hahaha, catfish is a very sweet fish. I love it so much 


Atanda Davido
17 Jan

I can finish one in 10minutes, no matter the size, you hear? Thank you


Eunigold Paul
17 Jan

Are you serious? You mean you can finish a full catfish😳😳😂😂😂.

That means you are a foodie like me👍😂😄😄


Samson Nosa CEO
17 Jan

Wow, i love what am seeing, but you didn't share the catfish. I need my part


Raazi Khan
17 Jan

Its just amazing effort with the proper description of catefish. You are good photogrooher by

Gooduck for the contest







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