Swirge Update ~ Matic Network, Referral Rewards & Much more

I've been following Swirge from the past few months and the progress is quite an awesome example of true decentralisation. Here are some recent Updates of SWIRGE in case you missed them. 

Referral Rewards 👀

Promotion if any platform is based on these referral systems and a platform without it may be less promising. Swirge has turned on their referral program with a little amount for the next 3 days and they are testing it whether people misuse it or not. So currently they are giving 0.5 SWGB per each referral joined under your link. You'll see referral link like this 👇 


You can always check your affiliates by going to General Settings ~> Expand 3 lines ~> Click My Affiliates. You can also open it by clicking the link given below 


Matic Network ✅

As you all know you all posts posted on Swirge are stored in a smart contract so no one other than you edit delete your posts. Recently with shifted from Binance Smart Chain to Matic Network which is quite fast and easy to transact. This will allow super fast and cheap storage of your posts on swirge. You can easily check the smart contract address where all the Swerves are saved 👇 


You can always switch from BSC to MATIC network easily. 

Swirge ~ Earn SWGB by Quality Engagements

You can easily earn SWGB on Swirge platform by like/Share/comment daily. It's super easy and has so many features all under a single platform. 

Follow me on Swirge ~> NaVi 

Follow my friend ~> Crypto Buddy

Meet you guys there Good Luck🤞 

^ N A V I ~

All images are taken from ~> Swirge Twitter Account



Ibrahim Salman
19 Jan

Interested Swirge. I M not join this app but after see your post I M join Swirge and invite friends. Thanks @Navi Sir for this great opportunity... 


Aisha Shah
19 Jan

He is @Navi not kamran. 😁😁


preview not available Navi .
19 Jan

Hehe! Some people just don't even read the name  😂


Ibrahim Salman
19 Jan

Thanks a lot #Aisha.. I M adit but I don't know I M not see.... #Navi Sir you are really good Man. I M so sorry... 🙏😊


preview not available Navi .
19 Jan

No worries :') 


Adeleye Abdulqudus
19 Jan

I am a witness to to this. 

And I would say swirge platform has been doing impressively 

The referral option is quite an advantage to those who are yet to join

And about the matic network system. It quite a great and effective upgrade 


Maryam khan
19 Jan

No doubt swirge is progressing day by day and I'm loving their system LOL ( I mean spamming). 


Akash KP
19 Jan

Thank you navi for sharing this information with us.we should go for swirge again these are amazing and favourable updates for all swirge members absolutely now I start work on swirge again and also join the telegram channel 


Shaista Parras
19 Jan

I'm also a user of swirge,  but for some days I didn't work,  bit after reading new update I'm motivated to do work

Thanks for your information 

Ireally didn't know it before


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