Swirge is back with a Boom!!! Earning Opportunities


For all those who are new to Swirge let me introduce you Swirge is the decentralised social media platform has its built-in market place. It has its in-app wallet in which can transact with bnb, NGN and swgb. Swirge token is in both blockchains Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain which makes it unique from others. Your all posts (Known as swerves) are stored in a smart contract so no one can delete your posts so you've all control of your posts. The main thing is that all the features I've defined above are on a single umbrella (Swirge) that's the best point of it. 

Earnings Are Back!!! 

As you all know I've promoted Swirge almost 2 months ago as they were giving away tokens to all early adopter but I see most of the users spammed that opportunity and they have closed that way of earning. 

Let me make you guys clear "Swirge is not a primary earning platform" but it pays to its loyal users in SWGB. You can earn Swirge token on the platform by liking, commenting & sharing quality stuff there. 


  • Earning criteria is not revealed this time as users misuse those opportunities. So don't ask for that because no one knows :) 

  • You'll be rewarded in Swirge tokens and the minimum withdrawal is 250 SWGB and Payments are instant and automatic. You can navigate your Current balance by General Settings ~> 3 Lines ~> Current Balance. Also, you can directly check it by clicking the link given below. 

~> Current Balance <~

  • Regarding pending withdrawals as per their announcement, they will review all pending withdrawals and pay the one who didn't cheat their system. 

Swirge Support

For all support issues, I would recommend you guys to leave a text message to Swirge Support on Swirge and wait for your turn. Just saying they have warned anyone spamming their telegram channel asking support issues & earning queries will be banned straight away so be careful. 

~> Click HERE for Swirge Support <~



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Swirge Support:


Check my post on Read Cash ~> Post Link 

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Ifeanyi Obasi
17 Jan

This is great news... I have been inactive there for quite a long time, even when earnings was on, let's see how it goes this time


Sajjad Ali
17 Jan

swirge is a really best platform to earn money it is best opportunities for every one to sigin and start posting and earn money. I hope all of you enjoy swirge platform.🌷

Thanks give us such information 💓


IrFaN kHaN
17 Jan

You are right bro swirgr is best platform every man goin at and make more money. 


Sofs Su
17 Jan

Just as I was planning to sign up with swirge the platform closed up.. glad to hear they are back with a bang.


Maryam khan
17 Jan

This is really a piece of great news but my current balance is not increasing by liking, posting, and commenting. I really don't know what's the criteria


Marva Noureen
17 Jan

Are you already working on it? Are you not getting good results by working on it?

And what standard are you talking about ...۔


Maryam khan
17 Jan

Yes I'm working on Swirge but I don't know what's the problem with points but I would suggest you to join this 


Marva Noureen
17 Jan

I get involved in it but I don't know how to work on it because I don't know how to work on it and I don't have a link ...


Sana ullah khan
17 Jan

The work on swirge is too much easy dear @marva


Marva Noureen
17 Jan

If it's easy to work on, I'll definitely join it


Sana ullah khan
17 Jan

Yes, definitely join it, I have also left, I also try to join very soon and now Navi sir is saying, I am very sure and confident about this. 


Farah Ikram
17 Jan

Right, I am also facing the same problem and really don't know what's the issue.I hope it will be solved soon.


Maryam khan
17 Jan

Sending you a Dm dear check it


Prince Shoaib
17 Jan

That's Really Awesome 🤩...I have joined this Platform...Very Interesting ❤️❤️


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