What is suspicion?

Thinking badly of someone, making wrong assumptions about them and then taking action based on those assumptions and assumptions. Sometimes we have a complaint, a problem, a disagreement or a problem with someone. Now we wonder why he took such an attitude, why he made such a face, why he remained silent at that time and so on.


This is a seemingly normal thing that arises in our minds. In fact, we want to justify someone's misbehavior. Since it is usually in body language, we cannot ask him directly the reason for this behavior. This is where the journey of conjecture begins, this is where we start reconnoitering, this is where we make mistakes in guessing that maybe this is the reason or that reason.

Satan easily uses this opportunity for negative thinking and creates thoughts in his mind against his brother or sister. He puts the idea in his heart that he must be against you, he must dislike you, he must be engaged in a conspiracy, he must want to take action and so on.

Given the reality of skepticism, nothing is just an assumption that starts at some point. For example, if someone doesn't answer our question, then we start thinking about it. Suspicion began and thoughts began to run through my mind. "He didn't answer because maybe he thinks I'm inferior, maybe he doesn't want to talk, maybe he's arrogant, maybe he's rich and I'm poor, maybe that's him." Now, after this incident, we begin to see this person in the light of our own assumptions. Then we also see arrogance in his gait, his speech seems contemptible and his lifestyle seems artificial.

Suspicion is an assumption that, even if corrected, will not make much difference to our lives. But if it goes wrong, many precious moments of our lives are wasted. Sometimes they become jealous, sometimes they shake hands in anger, sometimes they think of revenge, sometimes they think of enjoying it, sometimes they become busy weaving a conspiracy. On the other hand, when that person meets us, he is calm. Seeing its calm sets the body on fire and adds another suspicion that it may be further infuriating us.

 The real cause of suspicion is thinking and thinking wrong. The cure is to avoid thinking or complacency. We must control every assumption, conjecture, conjecture and thought that creates suspicion. In any case, we should consider our brother or sister as a human being, that he may have made a mistake, that he may have forgotten, that he may have done so out of anxiety, and so on. The cure for suspicion is positive thinking, forgiving others, ignoring their shortcomings, giving them a margin of compulsion and loving them unilaterally. Otherwise, based on our assumptions, it is quite possible that we will take a step that will affect both our world and the hereafter.

Prof. Muhammad Aqeel


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