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 One of the biggest problems to the adoption of Bitcoin Cash in Africa is the lack of knowledge about the asset and how to invest and the benefits that could come from using it, or even what really is Bitcoin Cash via blockchain all about. The lack of this knowledge leads people to not be interested to embrace and adopt the currency. It's needed to make the spread and knowledge of Bitcoin Cash/Bitcoin a reality and bring even more people to learn and adopt the currency, for that happen is necessary to teach the local community what advantages could come from embracing this new currency, explaining to them what is Bitcoin Cash/ BTC /Ethereum, what is a decentralized asset and why its important to hold the asset in order to successfully use it for daily payments without the need to compromise your privacy anytime and wherever you want. Bitcoin Cash is money to the world today. CASA BITCOIN cash CABO VERDE will be the place to make that happen, it will be a "learning center" where anyone wishing to learn about Bitcoin Cash could approach and get the necessary tools and info about. It will be also the first non- English center to reach out to interested people in learning more about Bitcoin Cash in Africa And in the future, it could make partnerships with other African countries that have official Portuguese language (Angola, Guiné Bissau, Cape Verde, São Tomé) to evolute knowledge in Bitcoin Cash, this could also be extended to Brasil and Portugal Bitcoin Cash learning center for old / our jobless youths. Your questions can be what services Casa Bitcoin Cash-CABO VERDE plans to offer. •Place to learn About Bitcoin Cash •Merchandise to promote more the Brand "Bitcoin Cash" in CABO VERDE.  •Technical support (anyone could learn how to install a Bitcoin Cash wallet •Make connections with local merchants to onboard them to accept Bitcoin Cash on their businesses. •Organize Bitcoin Cash training. •Offer exchange Fiat in Bitcoin Cash. 

2.The Main Goal of Casa  Bitcoin Cash CABO VERDE. •To educate more than 1,000 Bitcoin Cash Users in the first 6 months of 2021 and to that happen the project will need an allocation in funds of 6 BCH. 3.How the budget will be distributed. First, the allocation funds will be used in the majority to make the Casa Bitcoin Cash to be known in my Locality and will be distributed in: 1 BCH- will be used to create the Banner and Logo of Casa Bitcoin Cash. 1 BCH-will be used to rent the space in a well-located place in my region and pay for at least 5 months in advance. 1.5 BCH - will serve to Buy and print Merchandise with the Casa  Bitcoin Cash logo, T-shirts, Shirts, caps, and other material to help promote the services offered by the house. 0.5 BCH- will be used to hire a part-time contributor to help in the House marketing local campaigns. 

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2 BCH- will be used to translate some essential material from Portuguese as known this kind of stuff mostly come in English. To note: The profit generated from the merchandise will be used to offer initial liquidity to exchange Fiat into Bitcoin cash and also promote meetings to talk about Bitcoin Cash in  CABO VERDE. The project is very ambitious and also important to have one of this category. It will be the first project in the West Africa region, and if successfully launched will be onboarding more Community members to spread the word about Bitcoin Cash which will bring more awareness to CABO VERDE. In the near future, the project will make partnerships to build even more places like this all across the country, but first, it will cover more than 300,000 users that will be on the project moving. Need more info about the project, contacts: 

Email: [email protected] Telegram: @kibitex Twitter:@JamesSatiago Facebook--- @Kelvin Bitcoin Linkedin:@james-brown  Phone number: 2389568673 Thanks for your support.


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