Supplement your earning with 500 euros a month

My WhatsApp membership will be deactivated after a month if I don’t pay my annual fee. This app has become a necessity for me because I have been using it for a long time. True, there are Telegram, Viber, sometimes WhatsApp seems to lag behind other messengers in terms of features and convenience, but most of my acquaintances use WhatsApp, so I can’t completely ignore this app. My dependence on this app, the things I learned about it, and the benefits it has for me have increased so much in the last 11 months that I have been using it that I now have a membership that requires WhatsApp to extend my membership for another year. I'm ready to pay the bill.

The membership fee on WhatsApp is not very expensive. Only 99 cents a year. At the state exchange rate today, this amount is about 2,500 soums. This payment amount is so cheap that I wouldn’t mind paying ten times more to activate WhatsApp for another year. After all, I have been connected to this program for a year…

This article is not about WhatsApp. As soon as I found out how much money (99 cents) was required to extend my WhatsApp membership for a year, I wondered how many users around the world wanted to renew their annual activity. The price is very cheap, of course those who want to use WhatsApp’s great service for another year will pay without hesitation even the 1.5 liter Coca Cola that is not given. This means that the number of payers will exceed several million. This situation, such a modern way of making money, made me think more seriously about it. This article is about making money this way.

My advice to young people, who are dreaming of making money on the Internet, looking for ways to make money on the Internet using their sites or services: Take the example of the WhatsApp plan. Create a service that millions of people can use for free. Once you have attracted enough users to this service, make the cost of the service so low that all your existing users will pay for it without hesitation.

In countries where the dollar is the main currency, 99 cents is a small amount, I think 500 rubles is a small amount for us today. Let's set our service fee for the plan at 500 soums.

Today, we estimate that the average population of Uzbekistan is 30 million. Half of the population does not use the Internet at all, the other half of the 15 million do not spend money on the Internet, the other half of the 7 and a half million do not use the services you offer, the other 3 million are hesitant to pay you, and finally only 1 million we agree to pay 500 soums per month for your service. After all, now everyone can afford to pay 500 rubles a month. This means that we receive a salary of 500 soums per month from each of the one million people.

The amount of money we can get for the service has become clear: 500,000,000 soums a month! For a person or a company that earns so much money every month, all the conditions that provide excellent service to the population via the Internet will come naturally. Now, let's talk about service.

We offer the Internet service to the population of Uzbekistan, so we need to identify the groups of Uzbeks who have the most access to the Internet and are willing to pay for Internet services. will be. I suggest you think about the following groups:

  1. Applicants

  2. Students

  3. Teachers

  4. Doctors / nurses

  5. etc. etc.

We need to organize a type of service that is only needed by a group of people. As we do so, the direction of our business will be clearer, and it will be easier for us to take action that is more goal-oriented. There are millions of users in the 4 directions listed above: there are many students in educational institutions, there are more applicants, there are many teachers working in educational institutions, doctors / nurses number also… Select the group you want and discover the type of service over the internet that can be useful to them. As an example, I choose a group of applicants.

A site should be created so that 1 million entrants can use it effectively and pay 500 soums a month for the service. The service should be so necessary and useful for applicants that the site users will continue to pay for the coming months as well. This type of online service should aim to serve at least 1 million users every month. The quality of service is constantly improving and new users need to be attracted to the service. And the price should never go up and should always be kept at a negligible amount of money for the users.

Here is your plan to earn 500 million soums a month!

Everyone who has read the article so far has asked, "So, what kind of service can I offer?", "How can I open a site where one million people pay me 500 soums a month?" It is natural that questions arise. Finding answers to these questions is the most important responsibility and the most basic job. This is where you need to put your creativity, intelligence and ingenuity to work. And as soon as you find the answer, you will become a millionaire in an instant!

Who needs what service to offer, what kind of services are lacking on our internet today… you have to worry about all this. There is no limit to the human imagination. You, too, give free rein to your imagination. Watch. Look around with an entrepreneurial look and explore the environment. There are a lot of services that are needed for people belonging to every sector of our society that can be provided over the internet but have not yet been discovered. So far, this line is new. Be the first to create this type of service, you will discover it, before the emergence of companies that will attract millions of users in a few years!

For a while, “How do I create a site?”, “How do I organize a service?”, “What documents do I need?”, “How do I get paid?”, “Is there a tax?” Forget the questions. Think about what the service will consist of. Think about what form the service itself will take. Once you have an idea, you think about it in every way and process it. You consult with those around you, you get a conversation from those who are more experienced than you. Only when the plan is fully prepared will you be able to worry about organizational issues. For now, just let your imagination run wild and come up with a type of service that will improve people’s lives, ease their worries.

Ask yourself these questions: “How can I alleviate the hardships of the people around me in their daily lives?”, “What kind of service do all my peers need to be successful in life?”, “How can I help people?” , “What skills do I have that can benefit most people around me?”, “Which of the available internet services in foreign countries that I see on the internet, on television, can be useful to our people?”, “What types of services so far? Not discovered in Uzbekistan? ”

It is possible to earn 500 million soums a month via the Internet without leaving your home. Even making such a profit is very easy! It just takes a little attention and creativity from you.

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