Supernatural Happenings

Right from the existence of UFOs and aliens to the presence of demons and their strange activities we have been hearing about supernatural happenings since our childhood. Fairy tales and movies are filled with such concepts. So many special incidences, called miracles, are narrated from the lives of various prophets. Some of us might have come across such happenings in our real lives that are beyond the explanation under natural laws. If we have witnessed them, it is impossible for us to deny their existence. On the other hand, some supernatural incidents belong to our religious beliefs and we accept them as they are narrated.

The question is if there are merely stories about various supernatural happenings or they really keep their existence. If their existence is real, what supernatural things actually are. 

In my opinion, supernatural things are those natural things that are beyond human understanding in the current moment. Elbert Hubbard said

The supernatural is the natural not yet understood.


The mechanisms which are not yet understood logically are claimed to be operating outside the natural laws. However, the point is nature and its laws are vaster than our thinking capacity. Once we start understanding the mechanism behind a phenomenon, the supernatural comes under the category of natural for us.

Imagine the formation and birth process of a child. A non-living drop of water (sperm) transforms into a well-tailored new living being. Its limbs and organs are flawlessly designed and placed at accurate positions. The functioning of its whole body and each minute cell is just perfect for its survival. How astonishing this phenomenon is, isn’t it? However, we never call it a supernatural act. We take all this as natural. Why? It is because we have a proper understanding of the process. We have been seeing this happening since ever. It is happening the same way everywhere. We have more than abundant examples for this natural law.


Similarly, if we take into account the growth and development of a plant, it is not very different from the birth of a human. We sow a dead seed and in turn, a new living plant comes out of it with its particular specifications. We all consider it natural because this has been happening with every plant. Because of the plentiful occurrence of the event, we have understood that nature has designed it to behave this way.


On the other hand, several occurrences are rare in the day to day life. They happen once in a blue moon. Some happenings are related particularly to some special persons in history such as prophets and monks. Because of their rarity, uncommonness, and lack of understanding of the phenomena, we regard those happenings or powers as supernatural. Such things remain supernatural for us till the day we don’t understand them. As soon as we understand the mechanism behind them, it becomes a new scientific discovery of some natural law.


There are numerous examples to support my explanation. I would like to cast a few here. 

First of all, let’s talk about the birth of Jesus Christ. He was born to a virgin lady, Mary. It was perhaps the greatest miracle of the millennium. A woman gave birth to a baby without having sexual intercourse with a man. Indeed, it was a supernatural phenomenon. However, has it remained supernatural in the present century? The successful emergence of “In Vitro Fertilization” (IVF) has now made it possible for a woman to give birth to a child without having sexual intercourse with a man. (Information source)


Another very famous incident belongs to the life of Prophet Solomon. He asked his nobles to bring the throne of the Queen from a farther land. One of his men brought the throne in as short a time as the twinkling of an eye. (Information source) It was indeed a supernatural happening. However, in the present era, scientists have explored that teleportation is no more an impossible task. Instead, teleportation is now regarded as a possibility under the known laws of physics (Information source).


I would like to cast another example from the life of Prophet Muhammad. It is famous that the plants talked to the prophet at various instances. Plants displayed emotions of satisfaction and sadness in front of him. (Information source) . Plants are living beings, however, plants conveyed emotions was a supernatural and miraculous happening. Nevertheless, new scientific discoveries have revealed that plants not only hear and communicate among themselves but also their screaming is recorded in the environment (Information source)


There are many other examples of previously supernatural happenings that have become naturally explainable after scientific discoveries. Several supernatural happenings are yet to be understood, and then they would also be regarded as natural.

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preview not available Dotun Awosika
04 Mar

As much as you post is very much explicit on this topic, I try not to ponder on issues that pertain to the metaphysical because the deep thought of this subject tends to become very consuming and can probably erode all ones existing believes and personality. 


Amber Kashif
05 Mar

Am I dreaming.....? @dotun is in my post with his amazing comment😍.

I have tried to be explicitly logical over the issues. You are right in saying that such pondering of thoughts is likely to erode all our existing concepts. Every one of us have a level of accepting and digesting the knowledge. 

Thanks for stopping by. I am honored


Dr.Jenny .
04 Mar

Wow dear, just superb you have explained it very well...

I like the way you gave examples...

One thing I will add remember about Hazrat Salman his powers and how he brought the royal chair of queen Balqees...

And Remember Miraj indictment yes supernatural is just Allah can do this if he wants...

One more thing when our prophet split the moon in 2 pieces 


Amber Kashif
04 Mar

I have casted the example of hazrat salman.

Mairaj incident has also found its scientific explanation. More is to discover.

Yeah! Splitting moon is another miracle yet to be explained in scientific terms. 

Thanks for your contribution. I appreciate 


Hassan Yusuf
05 Mar

Oh its Hazrat Suleimam not Salman. :)


Amber Kashif
07 Mar

Hmmm. In English names are written in a different way. Like yousuf is written as Joseph, Esa as Jesus, Mariam as Mary. Similarly suleman is written Solomon. 

Thanks for stopping by @hassan yusuf


Morris Ohi
07 Mar

Nice clarity Amber.


preview not available St3v3 T88888
05 Mar

My Dad has always been of the belief there is UFO's and supernatural beings he has so many books on the topic


Amber Kashif
05 Mar

May be some day your father will prove to be right in front of the world. Who knows what the future discoveries bring to us


Ayesha Malik
04 Mar

Outstanding attempt to explain the existence of supernatural stuff;

Indeed we don't have enough knowledge about the point thereby we navigate its presence;

Being a student of science I knew very well about the formation of the fetus from the combination of sperm and egg but the others may consider it a mystery! but for us the molecular structure; genetic makeup and other factors accomplished organogenesis.

Another example the departure and arrival of Prophet Muhammed during the tour of Whole the universe and discovering the mysteries behind the perception of human being all took place within a minute time and now science explains it as a time dilation phenomenon.

Ins short there is the existence of a super natural phenomenon we have to research.

Marvelous work done ❤

More powers and success to you dear elegant lady🌺


Amber Kashif
07 Mar

Oh! This is a post under my post. @Ayesha 👏

The more knowledge we acquire the more acceptable things become for us. As you have mentioned being a science student you accept this all.

Supernatural is nothing except our lack of knowledge 


Egwu Doris .
04 Mar

Superb, our understand of what we do not understand makes it natural.

I still don't understand a part maybe I should ask now.

In some areas, someone would die and is buried. He will be seen somewhere else having family and enjoying life. The only thing that makes him disappear is asking him to show you his family. 

Maybe he disappeared or moved somewhere else to start another life is yet to be know.

I think to me this is supernatural


Amber Kashif
07 Mar

Hehe. I think science hasn't given the experimental explanation of this phenomenon yet. I need to read the literature about it. However, the fiction movies on the subject of time travel may explain the scenerio somehow. I am not sure though.

However, I believe everything has a reason behind it. Something natural behind every supernatural is yet to be discovered.

Thanks for stopping by @egwu







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