What actually is Super powers,the ability to do something different from the natural , growing up I have always wish I have one or some of super human powers,like seriously wishing I had some sought of super powers

​Growing up I use to watch lot of cartoons,not just cartoons,but those ones with superheroes.

​I can watch all day all night, like i never get bored of it,I and my brothers use to perform some this super Wonders in our own ways, there was a day I almost broke my neck trying to learn how to perform backflip,a backward sumersault done in the air with your legs and arms stretched out, but eventually I did learn how to perform sumersault,with the spirit of never give up and consistency hehehe.

Growing up as a kid i have always wish to be a Superman, Batman all of those cartoons characters,I love Spiderman I almost got myself bitten by a spider,thinking probably I will have those unique powers hehehe.

Those aspirations also add to me being stubborn as a kid,I can fight anybody beat whoever even at school when beaten by teachers for offences I don't use to cry,my friend use to praise me then lol.

Those aspirations died off when we later realised all those characters are not real, they are just animation created by some persons, anyways those are my  childhood dreams and aspirations.

​If you are opportune to have one superpower what would it be any why ?I for one I will  wish I have the power to fly like the traffic in Lagos Nigeria is very annoying,I will just pump out and start flying.

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Shah .
08 Nov

I too grew up watching super power movies, and i oftenly thought that i get the power to be disappeared  when i am sad as a kid. 

And from then to now, i have the same thinking,  that there should be no one around me,  when i am sad. Because i always want alone time when i am sad.but there always have some people, so i still want to be disappear as long as i am sad. 


Boom Shakalaka
08 Nov

Oshey! Lagos traffic definitely needs such superpower. Or teleportation. That would be amazing.

For me, I'd pick psychic powers. Cause well, y'know, it's cool. 🤷🏽‍♀️


Cherry Harryianne
14 Nov

-I'm a fan of Batman😂! Though I know now that it's all just fictionated characters, still I'm enjoying to believe it's existence as Superhero. Anyway..Given the chance for a superpower.  I want to have an invisible power.  So I can see what is actually happening to my loveones when I'm not around, or I might catch some bad people doing bad  things...Entertaining article! Blessed day!👍


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