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Sunny Days, Grovid20

It's A Beautiful DAY!

#GroVid20 Update

Today, finally, it's HOT and Sunny! I've been waiting two weeks for the weather to get better. Mostly, I need the nights to be above 40ºF. (above 4 to 5ºC). while it's been about 70-78ºF (22-25ºC) during days, nights have dropped below 40F (4ºC). That's too cold for seedlings, so, they've been indoors, each night.

Well, it's TIME! As you can see above, the tomato plants, 6 of them, are in their containers. The Peppers, below, are in as well. 4 of the 6 to be planted are in. Two more go in this weekend. Late start on those seeds, and so, later to be hardened off to cold.

The Peas are in, now, a total of 10, that will probably thin to 6 or 7, after a few nights from some transplant shock. See below:

The carrots growing below in the big round container on the right, are germinating nicely, and the mint, bottom left, is doing well. That mint variety is Apple Mint, for an Appletini Cocktail. The bottom right round (in shadow) has Rosemary in it, planted now, but the photo was before I planted it! For me, I use Rosemary when cooking pork, lamb and sometimes, for my roasted veggies mixes (carrot, potato and onion).

The Thyme and Sage are in the strawberry planter. Thyme, right, and Sage, left. In the rectangle, growing towards top right, is Spinach. As I harvest some spinach, I will plant some new spinach in the container behind. That way, over the course of the spring and summer, and into fall, I will have a fresh crop ready:

Potato, Yukon Gold on right, and Red Bliss (left front, too tiny to see) are there, and coming along:

In the large potato box above, depending on how the Red Bliss fares, I may add a cucumber plant into there. I'm really not sure the potato is going to make it. The smaller planter on left is empty now, but is holding two more tomato plants, to be moved. Eventually, more Cucumbers will go in the left box, to grow upwards along the trellis. Also not in yet, three large zucchini plants.

...Stay Tuned, for more updates, on the Tomato, Pepper, Zucchini, Carrot, Potato, Peas, Corn and Pumpkin. 
Also, herbs such as oregano (two kinds), basil (2 kinds), sage, thyme, tarragon, and more

Another Uptrennd #GroVid20

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In coming posts, I will update my garden plans and show you progress


I am planting 3 kinds of tomato, 2 kinds of potato, carrots, cucumber, peas, corn, and a few kinds of lettuce, and in the early fall, I am planting Brussels Sprouts. Also, I usually plant herbs, too. Right now, I have oregano, parsley, and basil growing inside for cooking. Outside, I have a mint plan my grandfather brought over from Greece, when he came to America in the 1920's. 

I have a cutting growing indoors, too, from his plant.

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wildlife, nature, landscapes, waterfalls and Lighthouses!

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Ayesha Gill
21 May

Its a very good weather there. Your garden is very beautiful.

I hope you worked hard for the plantation.


Bluefin Studios
21 May

The garden started indoors in February

So nice to finally get most of it outside


Neche Paschal
21 May

This is wonderful 


Bluefin Studios
21 May

It sure is coming along, after two months of waiting


Fawad Akhtar
21 May

That's good that you feel the day as the happy day..I am proud of you that you are gardening,,and we are waiting for your tomato potato and some other vegetables...


Bluefin Studios
21 May

Lots of pictures as soon as they start growing


Alagba Festus
21 May

Your plants are really growing well and the weather is helping too.

And you are doing your best to keep them safe too.

I Love this.


Bluefin Studios
21 May

I try to get them healthy and growing. AND keeping them in containers above the ground helps to keep the animals from eating them


Superior Daniel
21 May

Wao this is good.. it seems you are really good with plants.

Perhaps us can enlighten me on plantain some day.


Bluefin Studios
21 May

If you are truly curious, see the list of links at the end of my post?
Start at the bottom link. It describes each step I make to get my garden where it is, today


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