Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi A Muslim ruler

A Muslim ruler 

Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi was so preoccupied with government affairs and the Crusaders that he could never see the Ka'bah. Ayubi took the time to eliminate the Crusaders who attacked the pilgrims, but despite his desire, sometimes due to war and sometimes due to tribulations.  Could not become a pilgrim.

 This was not uncommon, as Muslim rulers knew that defending the collective affairs of Muslims preceded their individual worship.  Therefore, the criterion for examining the ruler is not how many times he recites Tahajjud or how many times the doors of the Ka'bah are opened for him, but the criterion is whether the religion of Allah prevails where the ruler has got power or not.  Does the oppressed have protection or not?

 Now, if a ruler spoils the affairs of the people, does not enforce the religion, does not protect the Muslims from the attacks of the infidels and performs Hajj on Hajj, continues to water the pilgrims, even if he continues to perform Tahajjud throughout the night in the Prophet's Mosque.  He did not do good, he did not earn a reward ... and he will not be called a good ruler but an incompetent ruler.

A good ruler is not judged by how many religions he practices or how much he worships individually.Rather, a good ruler is one who protects his nation and religion and prevents people from practicing their religion.A good ruler is one who protects his country, his nation and his religion.And there is no doubt that Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi was a great Sultan who worked day and night for the Muslims but never performed Hajj.He put his worship aside but also served the Muslims and protected the Muslims.May Allah shower millions of blessings on his grave.And may Allah help every Muslim ruler to become like them.ameeen.

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Zabeeh Ullah
25 Nov

yes sultan was great man

thanks for sharing us the history of sultan

Allah always help every muslims


Saqib Ali
25 Nov

Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi was a great ruler. There is no doubt that you have read the text. I have written it.


ZarisH JuTt
25 Nov

sultan salahudin ayubi.. Do very legendary work.. Who fought for a very long time.. And at the end.. He overcome crusaders..

I must say he was a great man


Saqib Ali
25 Nov

Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi fought for a long time to save the Muslims from the Crusaders and finally  save the Muslims from the Crusades.


Raees Baloch
25 Nov

Salahuddin Ayubi was a great leader and also a great ruler. 

Yerosalam was a victory. Make Muslims proud.


maya Choudhary
25 Nov

I alreday know about him and truely he is such a great leader and the hero of the muslim history , he had set the standrads of great rulers .


Saqib Ali
25 Nov

Yes, Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi was a great ruler who worked day and night for the Muslims And he protected the Muslims for many years and saved them from the enemies.


hassan raza
25 Nov

Yeah sultan alauddin was a great muslim ruler. The Muslim world has yet to see another bold, powerful and fearless ruler as the likes of Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi. he Was one of the great hero in islamic history.







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