Suicide in children and teens

suicide is the third leading cause of death in a teenager, more than 50 people attempt suicide in the world and most of them are 15 to 25 years old. you will shock to know that the suicide rate is high in well-developed countries like Russia as compared to underdeveloped countries like Afghanistan and Syria.


parents earn so they can take care of their children and give the best education to them but sometimes they don't know that they are forcing their children. parents always want their children to become pilot, doctor, and engineer and get a respectable job in this modern world but all children have not the same abilities because everyone is unique in their own way, most of the students take admission in engineering and medical just for society and for their parents. this is one of the reasons for students' depression that children studying what they don't want to and in the end, they attempt suicide...

did you know that more than 60% of children don't tell their parents that what they want to be in their life?

most of the children hesitate to talk with their parents and they already accepted that their parents will not allow them. I was engineering student but after intermediate, I want to be a news anchor but nobody from family was in this field and people do also not think that this is a good field for girls in Pakistan, one day finally I told my parents that I want to be a news anchor and they said ok fine :D. so it was my imagination that they will not be allowed me and but when I shared my feelings with them they easily gave me permission to take admission in media studies.

parents are not our enemies, we should share our problems with them and always tell them what you want to do in your life, i am sure they will support you...

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BGold Ola
28 Apr

Hmm! You have good parents, take it to our African parents, they will act as if they were there when you were been created, they will tell you Mr B children are all Doctors, it happened to someone like me, I shared my view to be an artist, but to them it was story for the gods, I went to school, I brought the certificate to them, it was then they are ok, but no one can take away my music spirit from me.



preview not available Hafsa M
28 Apr

sad to hear that but still, you have time, do work hard to achieve your goals I am sure you will become a great singer :)



BGold Ola
28 Apr

Hmm! A good advice from good uptrennd mom, thank you for that.



Emy Stan
28 Apr

Uptrennd Mom u say.


Now I know... It would be your best and most amazing moment. The moment uptrennd mom's wish aligns with real mom's wish.



Musa Tijani
29 Apr

most african parent fear alot of things because of how they have built a family...which makes them never believe in that child



Musa Tijani
29 Apr

i am a living in it currently



ChiQ Queen
29 Apr

Tolulope I know you will be wondering why you were downvoted. It's because your comment did not match up with Uptrennd Community standard. I am not one of the downvoters_ in fact I just took interest in the subject being discussed and scrolled to see people's comments (more facts come from contributions). 

Don't feel angry please and don't be discouraged. To that your brief comment, you can add more insight to why you feel its true. 

I see you soaring. Get up. 



Cyprianj .
28 Apr

At times some of the causes of suicide is the distance between the parents and the child. some children may have something that is  bothering them, but because their parents are not close to them they end up taking some nasty decisions like committing suicide.

Children that are close to their parents find it difficult to do such a thing because whatever problem they are facing they are able to easily pass it to their parents and get proper guidance.  suicide can never be their final option.

Once there is  love between the child and parents, definitely the child will feel loved. 

Hence the need for parents need to move closer to their children.



Fidel Mboro
28 Apr

Hey dear 

Nice post there from your end

What we and parents fail to understand is that. It is better to be first in the village than to be second in Rome. 

What i mean is that is better for a child to be first(first class) in zoology than to be second in medicine and surgery. 

Let's learn to identify our path in which we are good at and work towards it. Not following our parents into something that will take our neck



Malik Asad Riaz
28 Apr

Ther exists alot of factors behind suicide of teenagers, it may be due to financial crisis, educational history failures and sometimes due to marriages which happened against children desires or due to fail love stories. 



NOman Khattak
28 Apr

A few days ago , my friend attempted suicide :( This reminds me of him. I don't know why did he do that but his family said that there were certain ghosts on him which compelled him to do so. Moreover, he was a gamer too and some said that he committed suicide because of depression.

Doctors said that he committed suicide because of PUBG because he was too much involved in the game.

I pray that whatever he did, may ALLAH bless him in jannah and Forgive what he did. Ameen



Afro Sense
28 Apr

That's really sad Norman... People need to do thing in moderation, I think he must have lost so much to make him do that.



Angela Onyekaokwu
05 May

That is sad to hear, if he was monitored he might not have lost hope . 



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