Such Friends are Rare and are a Blessing If Found...💕

Criticism is word known to many and they run away from it. Nobody ever wants to be criticized and never bears if goes through any type of criticism. But on the other hand, there are also a few braver ones who face, admit and stand by the criticism positively and constructively.

Most of the time, the critics are your own closer ones i.e parents, relatives or friends etc and they mean to make you a better person.

Whereas a friend's criticism is considered, there are very few who actually want your betterment and guide you rightly. They often have nothing to do with your decisions, doings and actions. But if you have got one who is truly concerned with what you do, what you decide, and condemns your wrongdoings, acts or deeds or play any part to make you perform better, then trust me you are really blessed.

The fact of discussing the topic is, I've also got some friends in this mean world, who are really true to me. And I want to talk about one of them here.

Her name is "Tehreem". She is not on uptrennd but was my classmate for about 6 years. Our minds didn't match with each other in the start but since she got a little more older, she became more mature and sensible and I started loving her personality. She is of pure soul who says whatever she feels and observes. We both talk rarely but whenever we talk, both of us feel quite satisfied for none of us is being fake or mean to other.

She never hesitates while telling me my weaknesses, my misconducts, my errors etc. She keeps on finding faults in me and surprisingly I never mind her critical words because I know whatever she tells, tells by virtuous and pure intentions. 

She is the best constructive critic after my parents who is always here for me. In fact, whenever I write some poetry, I firstly show her the piece. She reviews it critically and tells me what to improve if there has to.

Such friends are really a blessing and are found rarely. Don't ever lose them if you find any.❤️

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M Arsalan
17 Sep

Indeed true friends are rare and difficult to find .. but if you have loyal and true friends your life is amazing .. I'm blessed that i have true friends ❤


Ehsan Ali
17 Sep

Dear tire friends are very rare in this world now a day people wanted that they should full fill there requirements form other with the name of friend ship.I also have tire friend which are my life.I love them too much.


Lucky Sylvester
17 Sep

True  friend are rare to find and when we find them we should  never let them go 

True friends are friends that will stay with you in your time of hardship 


Musfira Fatima
17 Sep

Friends are our real support. Theys kbws out weak points and they dont let us down they ar eallways there to supoort us and gives courage .No man can do anything alone .such supoort from friends can gelos us to do things more better


Ayesha Rani
17 Sep

True friends are really rare in this world. I have also since friends like you. He is dear to me







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