Successfully trade first time on idex

Hi guyz

I want to share my first experience  about trading on idex. I am not trader and never trade before. When I tried to trade first time I was badly failed and I loose 200 tokens because I never trade before. Idex is to confusing exchanger as compare  to others. 

Then I tried to sell my tokens to someone directly  but people  offering me half value of tokene. After this I decided to trade again  on idex and I watched idex videos on YouTube  almost a week. Even I read definitions of ask and Bids lol  And yes this time I succeeded. It's hard to trade on idex  but  hard work always pay  off :)

Reason behind to  share my story  is I received messages  about how to trade on idex. I have advice for them watch YouTube videos  it's much better way to understand  about trading.Trust me one day  you will succeed



preview not available Hafsa M
10 Sep

I watch this before 

I am a person who earn cryptocurrency  by completing  game levels and simple tasks I never trade before that's why it's much difficult for me to trade first time 

But now I can teach others how to trade haha 

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Ilin Kazandzhiev
10 Sep

Thank you for posting it, man! :)


Ilin Kazandzhiev
10 Sep

Good to know, Hafsa. Was the tutorial useful for you?


preview not available St3v3 T88888
10 Sep

No worries its a great post to share for people, ive shared it a few times today


quinto mudigo
11 Sep

Hi @Hafsa. Worry not keep on trying cause u will always be doing it in order to exchange your earn token to your favorite cryptos like btc and ether


Mayur Gaikwad
10 Sep

We still need to learn on how to use an exchange.

I know some exchanges are too much complex.


preview not available Hafsa M
10 Sep

Idex is too confusing I loose some tokens but yes now I can easily  trade on idex ??


Ilin Kazandzhiev
10 Sep

Success is inevitable if you are persistent and constant with what you do :)


preview not available Osato Jegede
10 Sep

That first step is all one need to kick start something great. It's so nice to read that you succeeded in your first trade on the idex exchange. Keep the ? ? ? ? ? ? Burning 







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