The first Educational token now onboard the blockchain, this educational token is now placed in a vast market and will be made to improve the blockchain as it will penetrate the cryptoworld to effect some basic transformation and bridge the gap between the educational world and the digital world. It is high time students became aware of this and begin to create their own financial token with peculiar standard such that it can also b come popular among universities all around the world. Let's dive in a bit and explore this recently discovered platform called Student Coin.


First, this platform has a coin named the STC coin, it is designed for users to invest and operate in the ecosystem, however, you will get to buy it through the Launchpad ICO before the user can begin investing with them. This token would be purchased and when that is done it would be sent to the student coin account for as many who has purchased it.

The value of this token will be flexible, it will change by the rounds of the ICO up till the 100th round. To access this token, you have to be a participant in the ICO, this ICO will commence soon, it will be an avenue for users to get this token and have it in their wallet. All users in this platform as a member of the ICO will earn as much as they invest and will gain rewards as they invest and stake. However, when they share the referral link to other new users, they will get their share from whatever they invest. This unique refferal link will make a lot of difference, more tokens would be earned as those new users purchase STC.

Apart from the referral bonus and earnings, price tracking is a feature that investors will enjoy, this will go on and on until the end of April this same year. This will take place in the live more, however, withdrawal of tokens will be possible during the ICO period.


The student coin wallet is a wallet that allows the investors to track their tokens. It gives proper statistics about their funds in it and the wallet is going to be a STC-based token which will serve to improve the investors portfolio, it allows quick asset swaps, the wallet will support quick deposits, ensure fast withdrawals and coin holders will enjoy staking for profits.

The Student Coin app provides a page that would be useful for all types of operations. The app also supports the staking of the STC token and the holding of funds for whatever operation is done on the blockchain.

The staking in this platform will take place directly from the wallet, it will involve the locking of the token in the crypto wallet with a proper plan through the stages of development.


This terminal is a feature for every user in this community to own tokens and be able to customize them the way they want. This type of token has got different applications and requires no programming knowledge. The Ethereum makes this possible and works the best out from every token the users create in this platform.

A number of tools are provided for users to create tokens and enjoy a long run feature that will promote the marketing activities in the crypto market. A range of tools will also be provided for communication and for the management of other utility programs. The tokens created will be imported very easily into this ecosystem, this platform this will be done through the STC exchange. Users can create related tokens in this platform and get their personal tokens useful for all operations in the system.

So many cryptocurrency exchanges will list this STC token on their platform for the eligible students to purchase and use them. This will also be an avenue for them to benefit from this platform and swap tokens. Many students will find it easy to relate with this project and will reap the he benefit of been a part of them.

The team of this platform is now working on launching STC exchange for traders activities, this exchange will list other premium tokens and will make them available for users

Also, the STC team is working on their own exchange where everyone would be able to trade popular tokens and their premium tokens that would be available on the STC exchange. In addition, a lot of projects will be able to accumulate funds through their tokens at STC Exchange. STC exchange would be for listing all the tokens created by users in STC, all of those tokens would be listed for free and will contribute to the solutions, making the solutions implemented with a great market which will be open for great deals for investment. This is the solution which would be common and associated with this platform.

This platform offers a global tokenization through the recent technology, it use the decentralised feature also with regular educational information which will captivate the new users and provide a way by which users express themselves and use the blockchain features.


More so, this information will provide a great way for getting new users. Also, this distinguishes Student Coin from other crypto projects. Of all the aspect of this platform, the educational aspect is the one that makes the students aware about cryptocurrencies, so in addition to that, classes based on cryptocurrencies and other aspects of the blockchain are organized for students to to have a full scope of the platform. It will also help them get equiped for trading as it provides all the required information, making them able to stay independent without needing assistance to grow on the blockchain. All the information needed and used by users are going to be kept in the STC data base, it will improve and make the next generation of users able to achieve excellence as they trade on the exchange.



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