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Strong Wind and Black Clouds (A typhoon is coming).

I've heard earlier on a News that a strong typhoon is coming on our land (Philippines) and we are now experiencing strong wind right now a proof that there is bad weather is near 😞.

I took this short video yesterday at 5:50 pm, using an awesome app from my Samsung A52 it's a "Hyperlapse" it is an app that can take video and transforming a normal scene into something like fast forward 😍. Amazing!

​Took this video in front of the gate of our warehouse while the clouds are passing by so low, the Mahogany tree is mine hehe lol.

I just needed a tripod to hold my cellphone in place as you will notice that the video is shaking (I'm just holding it on both hands in three minutes 😅).

Would it be wonderful to use this app on taking a video of the sunset or sunrise? Or to my blooming flowers?

I'm excited to do it and can't wait to share it with you guys 😄.

I hope that this video is working fine so you can view my simple hyper-lapse.




Boniface Gordian
22 Apr

Yea!  Just went to check for the app in my play store and it's amazing using it to edit or record video.... 

Microsoft hypelapse mobile


Muhammad Farooq Sabar
22 Apr

this is looking so dangerous and harmful.we should aware of it and need to take some centiments before coming.because the department of weather tell us coming situation clearly.


SaRa AbBaSi
22 Apr

I guess its the season of these kind of sormy winds and rain..Here in our country and are, its same...A strong wind is blowing since yesterday..And also its feeling like a bit cold even in Summer season.


Hussain Ahmed
22 Apr

Thats looks really harmful and dengerous weather, I hope you will be save, but you have shared a perfect scene in which black clouds and strong winds are blowing.Thanks


Kiran Umair
22 Apr

In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect..I believe in God,only I spell in nature..awsome







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