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Story of a Lifetime ~~A contest by @Adelan o

Trenndians greetings!!

I am sharing a ture story with you. The names of characters I changed due to privacy reasons.

 One of my friend,s name was Jamal. His appearance was a superb quality.  He was most beautiful, handsome and physically active amoung all . He grew up and falls in bad society . He always run behind the girls. He always has in mind the girls are like shoes in feet.  If one day we saw him with a girl  Flirting in the park  next day with a new girl was his right hand game. Then proudly he told to his friends every thing.

He ruined the life of a girl Shazia who was drowning in his colors but he put remorse on her forehead.  Actually she wants to merry him but he refused by saying that my parents are not agree . She lost her Every thing and disheartened . She told him that may be it was my destiny. But  I pray to God that He should be punished to you and If you have children in your destiny, then I pray that your  first child should be a daughter. ”

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Some time later, his mother saw a girl in the family and send them message for a relationship. After a while, he  got married. When her wife announced the good news of the arrival of a new guest in the house, he was very happy. he did not step on the ground. 

During pregnancy they made some tests and ultrasound where all reported for a boy. But the day of birth the staff of hospital says Congratulations, daughter born !!! The nurse who came out of the operating theater addressed him.

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 All of sudden he remembers the words of Shazia that if you have children , first child should be daughter . Again staff said sir "Congratulations, the daughter born."

It was raining on his mind as to whether my daughter would repay my sins? "I have a sore chest .Why would she bite? Tears were flowing from his eyes. Has any Jamal been born for my daughter?  Would it be possible for me to be innocent? There were no words, there were hammers and The chest was growing.  There was a picture of surprise passing by.

He went to nearby mosque and knee down. No, my lord. Punish me for my sins. My daughter is innocent . He cried loudly and beg for mercy . He wanted to scream, but the voice was buried far away under the weight of his own deeds.  Like children, without saying anything, weeping and keep weeping . The mercy of almighty falls and he feels some peace. 

From that day he becomes a Nobel person , preaching always for truth and right path . A totally changed Jamal we got.He devotes his life for humanity and good deeds. A incident changed his entire life.



Thanks for reading a true story. This is my entry for the contest of Adelan O. I want to grab this opportunity to say thanks to @Adelan 0 for this opportunity.

@Amjad Ali Waince

Header: From the post of contest owner.

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Gohar Ali
25 Apr

Beautiful and heart-touching story. you write it well.

Our society is full of men like Jamal. who ruin girls life and even dont repent for what they do.


Muhammad Farooq Sabar
25 Apr

first of all best wishes for your entry.you write a good story and it is a saying that which you sow , so shall you reap.it is the result of that thing which you do with others.


Abubakar Usman
25 Apr

Best wishes for the best contest participation like you. I wish you success in this contest, nice post about lifetime keep it up.


Hadeeqa Afzal
25 Apr

Best wishes for your entry in contest.may Allah Almighty change evey person like jamal.. thanks for sharing


Maria Amjad Ali
25 Apr

Many incidents change our whole life... After commit sin, some people become nice but some realize after the time passed away. 

Best wishes for contest.. 


Hadeeqa Afzal
25 Apr

Absolutely right


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