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Story Of A Life Time "I'm a janitor" (my entry for bro Adelan I contest).

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This is true to life story by yours truly.

It happens when I'm 20 years old, I'm freshly married to my loving wife Theresa, and I'm also just graduated from High School.

We did a sweet mistake in getting her pregnant at our very young age and the worst thing is that we got nothing to start a good life or to have a family on our own.

Both of our families are poor, so the next thing that happened is history lol.

So we have our first baby 😍.

It's the greatest feeling of excitement for being a young father at the moment I saw my son.

Now I have to think of his good future even I haven't got anything like good education as I didn't finish college I'll prove that I can take care of my family.

I started to look for a job.

And because I'm only a high school graduate, I ended up a janitor job from a factory of chocolates and biscuits.

It's my very first job.

I work so hard to earn a living ($2 for a day that's 8 hours of works).

I use a mop and a squeezer, everyday shift (6 am to 2 pm) or night shift (10 pm to 6 am) I clean up every floor that has chocolate coloring stained. The size of the floor is like a basketball whole court lol 😅.

I love my first job ❤.

With it, I can earn decent money to feed my wife and son.

I'm proud to be a janitor for 5 months contract.

It's a hard job but I learned so much from it, it's a very lower job but I respect it so much as people don't look down on me.

Life is full of unexpected but I'm very thankful and always be grateful to whatever our Almighty God plans for us 🙏.

Thanks for reading this simple short story of my self my dearest Uptrenndians 😊


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Chidiebere Christian
23 Apr

It's really not easy to father a son at such age and coupled with your position them.

However am happy that you oveecame even with the janitor job you took, you used it to help your family.

I really wish you well in this contest.


Boniface Gordian
23 Apr

Nice story. Life is good when youare bold  stand out for the steps you took and Taking good responsibility of what is before you. 

Taking care of your new family and child goes a long way to tell people what kind of man and father you've turned 


Chidoski Godsent
23 Apr

Wow what are humble beginning with a successful end. You have really done your best and will real the benefits


Egwu Doris .
23 Apr


In as much you are working, it will definitely earn you some respect. And what you are doing is better stealing from people so am happy u are proud of it.

Nice story of your family bro


Eunigold Paul
23 Apr

Wow, I love your story of life, it's very interesting. I love your optimism, and indeed you are a hardworking, man. I'm happy at the end of everything, you can feed your family.


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