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27 Aug
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Jan Bouda 7 months ago

Begging for upvote isn’t allowed on Uptrennd because it might be considered as a practice of gaming points which isn’t a fair practice at all. People should be earning upvotes through the quality of their posts, their engagement, participation, etc.

Betty Ozemoje 7 months ago

Exactly!  Getting an upvote  shouldn't be a game of I vote you then vote me

Luke Brenland 7 months ago

With people like you Betty and Vega around combatting this it will help :) i completely agree with you and these people are not here to help the long term and just want easy money while others put hours into their articles/videos and posts.

Betty Ozemoje 7 months ago

I just hope they STOP soon because the long term goal of this community is Paramore

Luke Brenland 7 months ago

Definitely i agree Betty :)

Coinoclast II 7 months ago

Maybe there should also be a limit per week? 3 per day and 10 per week?

Also, let me know if you would like some analytical tools to detect this type of activity, I might have some math for you.

Luke Brenland 7 months ago

Drop me a chat buddy :)

Alidervash Mirani 7 months ago

Vote begging is un moreal  But i think vote is necssry for any one when you vote some one then they  will Vote you it is simple they asking are begging for vote that simple on every where even steemit is that

Juliet Mafi 7 months ago

Yes I agree with you, they is the need to stay connected and to do the right thing. If we all believe in the community we should build it and not look for short cut to the answer that may harm the community. 

Victoria Haruna 7 months ago

Just like I mentioned in one of my recent post, this sort of thing should continue to happen if we all don't play our roles effectively. Either as referees or old members. 

I would suggest that every new registrant should didn't come through a referee should be assigned to a coach to put him or her through. 

And others who come through a referee should get proper tutoring from them. As the referees would b held responsible for any ill conduct.

Betty Ozemoje 7 months ago

You are so right.referers need to educate those they are referring how things work in uptrennd.







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