🤮🤒Stomach irritation and heaviness🤮🤢

Acidity and heartburn are common, but can be caused by excessive consumption of poultry foods, but only if the condition is recurrent. It should not be taken lightly but it is important to know its causes as it can sometimes cause major illnesses.

1: Ulcers in the stomach

The stomach is like a storeroom in the human body, sometimes due to carelessness, wounds form in its walls - and since the stomach is like a dark and damp bag containing acid - so It starts to grow instead of healing - sometimes it can turn into cancer - as a symptom of the wound there is pain in the stomach and burning in the chest so A doctor should be consulted and spicy foods should be avoided.

2: Heart disease

Sometimes when heart function is impaired, it also affects gastric function because the stomach is located close to the heart - so it is felt that there is heaviness in the stomach and heartburn. Cold sweats are occurring as well - therefore any such symptoms should not be taken lightly and it is important to consult a doctor.

3: Liver failure

The liver is the part of the human body that not only makes blood but also secretes enzymes that help digest food - but if for some reason the liver is not working properly, most of it The first effect is on the digestive process of a person and along with indigestion there is an increase in heartburn and acidity - if these symptoms are accompanied by vomiting and yellowing of the eyes and urine, then consult a doctor immediately.

4: Kidney failure

The kidneys are like laundry in the human body, which is used to clean the blood. If the kidneys are not working properly, then toxins begin to build up in the blood, which has a direct effect. Affects other human functions which, among other symptoms, include heaviness in the stomach, increased acidity, as well as swelling in the legs and body. 

See a doctor immediately if you experience these symptoms. 

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Kuda Mun
17 Jan

I love how you've written this article. Plain simple english. For the first time in my life I actually understand the function of kidneys 😂.


Ashfaq Muhammad Khan
17 Jan

Thanks alot for sharing such an informative post. I am also one of the patient of heart burn and acidity. And I think so, it's because of different types of poultry products, used regularly


Tayyab Ali
17 Jan

Thank you so much dear. To share a best and unique information.....

I appreciate you....


Abdul Aziz
17 Jan

I look forward to your post. You have Shared a very informative post regarding health.

Thanks a lot


Capt.Imran Mani.
17 Jan


you have amply covered the topic with all the reasons and guidance. Good use of pictures and giphy images.

Stay Blessed 







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