Stiff Neck Problem to be Resolved

Most of the time when we use computer or mobile we constantly watchon screen because of

which our neck muscles get stiff and this is why most of the time we have neck pain that does

not go away. That is because the muscles are weak. Maybe we need some rest or change my

routine. As I have been living with it for the past few days, maybe it is because of constant work

on the computer, it is also because of a lot of use of mobile, but despite the necessary remedies

for getting rid of it, it did not work out. So I need some things that I use which make me feel

much better. Here I share it with you.

Some days I used pain killers for neck pain because of which the work was being done

temporarily but not permanently. So I got advice. They said to put something hot in the stiff

area. But they told me not to put on it while you were sleeping. If you are awake, you put it on

some ice before and about an hour after that you put on something hot. It will relieve and relax

your muscles as much as possible.

Another thing is strictly instructed is to take great care of posture while sleeping. Use pillows

that make you comfortable and relax your stretched muscles. I am feeling much better by

adopting the above remedies. If you are suffering from same try these minute hacks.

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Chidiebere Nze
27 Nov

It’s probably safe to say that most of us at some point in time have woken up with neck pain or can recall an event or injury that resulted in neck pain.


Abdullah Khan
27 Nov

Taking care is important for good health especially during using of mobile.

Because sometimes a person ignore health care


Dua Fatima
27 Nov

Yes, sometimes neck muscle become a bit stiff. This usually happens after sleep with me. Posture of sleep affects it to a great extent. 







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