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21 May
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Step by Step Guide to Use Multiple Pictures

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Efe Amakre 1 week ago

you are doing a great job oxygen, though I learnt this ealier but it is quite generous of you to take out time to teach this. Not everyone can teach 

Oxygen O2 1 week ago

Thanks for the compliment bro, there are thousands of users who still don't know how to go about it.

Sammie boiiiee 1 week ago


I honestly didn't know how to add more than one image to my posts

Oxygen O2 1 week ago

I am sure with these guidelines, you will be able to do it mate, just try it out.

Aigbokhan Ana 1 week ago

thanks for sharing this would help alot

Oxygen O2 1 week ago

I will like to see you trying it out, it is very easy to do.

Aigbokhan Ana 1 week ago

sure i would certainly test it ...and please i would contact u if i experience any challenge using it

Oxygen O2 1 week ago

Oxygen is always on ground to help😉

Danjuma Aaron 1 week ago

Mehn! Bro like seriously i don't know how to do this thing thanks so much for this piece.

But do I need to put the magic code, like is it a must?

Oxygen O2 1 week ago

Yes bro, it is a must you use the magic code.

Rida Saleem 1 week ago

Woww thanx for this buddy..👌 that will really help me now.. i didn't know about this before 

Oxygen O2 1 week ago

I am glad you find it helpful mate, you can now add more images to your post😉







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