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Stealth cant be stopped. It will break my chart!

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Paul Dike 7 months ago

Stealth,new name to me Ulrich..What an awareness move..Real crazy pump..Whatever the case now, it's gained some recognition and going to be having some attention..

Patrik Banko 7 months ago

Its dumped already, the plus you took was on 4,5$ ans now its around 0,16$ I think.

Elena Demou 7 months ago

Wowzers! That's insane!

Ulrich Stark 7 months ago

Oh yes. Looks like this... But i have never heard of Stealth before... Should i know it? frown​​​​​​​

It does look so wrong to see this big bubble and all these small bubbles in my chart if you select size by change. But the data is right and the pump is real too cool

Elena Demou 7 months ago

That's crazy, I haven't heard of it either. Diamond in the rough

Ulrich Stark 7 months ago

Not anymore. price is normal now laugh 12 cent instead of 3 dollars and rank 487 currently

Luke Brenland 7 months ago

Wow! I have no clue what stealth is! Lol 

Bubbles are great man so much better than the standard method!

Ulrich Stark 7 months ago

That feedback is exactly what i need to keep going. I have big planes! I already started development of the android app! Will be epic. Thanks for the feedback yes​​​​​​​

Nathan Kaytar 7 months ago

What day one of the coins in my wallet will pump like that holy moly


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