Stay with my mother or leave with my mother?

It was an unusual dark September night and I had just come home from work. There were no clouds in the sky but it rained quite heavily. The thunderstorms were becoming quite frequent. 

I quickly changed my drenched clothes and headed to the kitchen. Another sound of thunder collided with my heartbeat making me spill the cup of coffee I was taking to my mother's room. She had come down with a fever which I found very strange earlier before I left for work.

I settled the cup on her dresser and sat beside her bed. "You feel better now?" I asked with so much concern. My mother, 'sick and in bed' was an unusual sight. She looked so frail in her night dress.

You see, my mother is a mystic with clairvoyant abilities. She has visions for everything, even the color of the moving cars on the street. However, she didn't have an inkling of the fever she was having. I on the other hand do not think much about these things. I'm a realist who believes in factual existence.

"Listen honey, I know you don't share my beliefs but I want you to listen very well to what I'm about to tell you. These are strange times! My vision has become weak and I need you to be my eyes and ears. They will come for you sooner or later. You need to be alert and I have to perform a ritual to seal the barrier and protect you. Get me my talisman from the drawer" she gestured while coughing slightly.

I pulled out the drawer and I was about to retrieve the talisman when we heard a very loud thunderous knock at the door. She pulled me back, looked straight into my eyes and said "be careful child".

I rushed down to get the door as the banging grew louder, aggressive and impatient. "Who's there"  I called out.

"Honey, open up quickly now". The voice I heard made my bones freeze. Still, I summoned courage to open the door and I saw my mother in the same night dress holding her talisman.

She had fear and panic written all over her. A state I had never seen her in my entire 24years on earth.

"Listen to me honey, I've been displaced. It happened as soon as you left for work this morning. It is the reason my vision became weak and I didn't see it coming. There's a presence in this house. One that is stronger than I am. I hope they haven't gotten to you? Come with me or else they will hurt you. They will try to convince you and get into your head. They will try to perform a ritual on you. That ritual would be the death of you and I". She begged holding my hands and looking straight into my eyes.

​You can also tell me which one's Eivah ​Here​​​ because I don't know 🤷🤷


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Suny Ag
27 Nov

Imagination, wild imagination, suspense, horror, and whatnot. Keep it up, and get it done into an eBook's form. This should bring you fame and money!!! Or you already on the project? I guess the one that in bed needs your help and attention!


Benazir Ibrahim
27 Nov

Once my coach and always my coach. Kemmy B made me the suggestion too and I'm taking it seriously. Thank you.

How are you so sure it's the one in bed though?


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