Staking in XIO: A Great Way to Support a Project

Have you met XIO Network?

The past two months, I have been staking some 1UP I earned in the Uptrennd portal through XIO Network. It's a fairly simple process, and I love how XIO enables us to join in on the funding for projects like this.

If you haven't looked at staking yet, it is incredibly simple. Here's how it works. You earn or purchase whatever currency you would like to stake, in my cash some 1UP earned here on Uptrennd. Then, I look into XIO Network and find the staking address for Uptrennd. The cool part is, you can do two different things concerning Uptrennd. 

1. You can stake 1UP in the portal and in return gain XIO tokens.

2. You can stake XIO in another portal and gain 1UP tokens. 

It's a great project geared towards helping startups and supporting the growing ecosystems that are crucial for survival. XIO Network is still young and has huge potential for developing better ways to help fund startups, rather than holding ICO's and going through that possible mess.

If you have checked out XIO Network yet, I highly recommend you do! They also have a great community with lots of discussion on Telegram: ​XIO Blockchain Startup Network​​​

Keep on Uptrennding!!

Image screenshotted from ​XIO Network Website ​​​

Have you staked in an XIO portals yet?

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Perculiar Diamond
02 Mar

This look like a great project for everyone. I will join the telegram group and find out more about this staking of 1UP. Hope to find it lucrative.


Muhammad Noman
02 Mar

Thanks bro for informing about XIO 

I first time read it in ur post 

I didn't know about a b c of XIO


Tabish Aslam
02 Mar

I haven't stake XIO but after reading this article i have developed some interest . I will try to engage myself here alsoi


02 Mar

XIO is best project thanks sharing with us.. I will try it


Peter Owen
02 Mar

for sure XIO i have first heard it from you but that is the beauty of uptrennd i will check it out .

thank you for that


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XIO Network was created as the anti-ICO, in that there is no selling of tokens for capital. Rather blockchain startups join the incubator for guidance and help with marketing, user adoption, industry awareness, and connecting startups with our partners.


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