Are you one of those sports fanatic and would like to get connected with your favorite athletes? 🏈  ⚽️  

Then you're at the right place to be! I am going to introduce to you an innovative financial system for the Sports & E-sports industry that connects athletes, gamers, clubs, brands, fans, and sponsors. Sounds cool, right?   


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Their platform creates a bridge between the global sports market and the rapidly growing decentralized finance (DeFi) industry. Sportcash One gives fans and investors the ability to finance and invest in their favorite teams and athletes, as well as buy, sell and trade voting rights for a range of club decisions.

👨‍🏫 Let's get to know more about their PRODUCTS!

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 📍  SCOneX Token ICO MARKS 9.1 

- Built on Waves, SCOneX is the native token and currency of the Sportcash One ecosystem. SCOneX integrates directly with Sponsorship DeFi platform providing exceptionally attractive staking offerings.


ProBit Exchange is a Top 20 crypto exchange globally. We have completed over 200 rounds of IEO and have been consistently ranked Top 4 in Korea. ProBit Exchange provides unlimited trading access highlighted by nearly 1,000 trading pairs. 

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Trading Pairs:



Deposit: April 30, 2021, 15:00 KST 

Trading: April 30, 2021, 17:00 KST

 📍 DEX Exchange and Wallet - Sports DeFi. Decentralized.


- DEX features direct integration with the SCONEX rewards system of our revolutionary Sponsorship DeFi platform, as well as attractive staking options for SCONEX holders. Whether you’re an athlete, fan, investor, or sports club, Sportcash One’s decentralized exchange is your premier financial hub for Sports DeFi.


- Support for major cryptocurrencies:


- Support for popular fiat currencies:

USD ($), EUR (€), INR (₹), JPY (¥)


- Backed by the power of WAVES, Sportcash One’s DEX and wallet are secured by two-factor authentication and state-of-the-art blockchain technology. Our DEX also uses a matching system to store orders and execute trades. With this system, orders are transferred through an encrypted channel and not visible to other traders until execution is final.


- Over 3,000 users are already registered on our DEX platform and new investors are joining the Sportcash One ecosystem every day. We pride ourselves on being your trusted gateway to the emerging Sports DeFi industry. 


Sportcash One is making Sports DeFi accessible for everyone with reliable international transactions and low-cost trading fees that can be paid using SCONEX or WAVES tokens. When trading in Sportcash DEX, you only pay 0.0003 WAVES per order filled and less than $0.05 for all SCONEX transactions. 

Here are some of the UPCOMING FEATURES which are huge! 




- NFTs


 👀 Are you still here reading? Then I bet you like how this is going 😉 

As mentioned above, one of the products of Sportcash One is Sponsorship DeFi Platform

You may sign up here: 👉 Sports & Esports sponsorship social network - Sportcash - the quickest way to find sponsorship. Complete your profile to attract as many brands and Fans as possible. Include all your social media handles. Interact with your fans or members and use their integrated crowdfund solution to fund your goals and found Sponsorship. Read more

Sportcash One is the BLOCKCHAIN FOR THE SPORTS INDUSTRY and has prepared a very concise, in-depth & informative whitepaper. Read the full SCONE whitepaper here: Scone White paper 2021 / 2 AL.key (

Do you love NFTs? Do you hold a lot of amazing NFTs in the cryptoverse? If you do, I am hyped up to share with you that Sportcash also has BIG PLANS on becoming the only NFT Sports Assets Platform.

Sportcash One NFT platform blends licensed Digital Collectibles with the gamification and reward potentials of Fantasy Sports (all built on the blockchain), focuses on collectibility in typical sports card fashion allowing users to not only build their sports card collection but become ‘managers’ and use their cards to compete each week for rewards and prizes. Read NFT Sports Assets Platform


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Tokenize Sport Club Features:


• Token Issuance Service

• Custom Wallet 

• KYC Service 

• Smart Asset 

• Smart Tokens 

• Low Transaction fees under 0,1 US cents 

• Fast Transaction less than 20 seconds 

• Script Asset Issuance 

• Token Design 

• Financial Modeling 

• Regulation and Legal Registration 

• Airdrop

• Asset Management 

• Exchange DEX with multiple sport and crypto assets 

• Exchange DEX Integrated in Wallet 

• P2P DEX exchange system 

• Voting System 

• Marketplace 

• Social Network

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Read more on their whitepaper Scone White paper 2021 / 2 AL.key ( 

Brand Tokenization

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Read more Scone White paper 2021 / 2 AL.key ( 

As an investor, we usually think of what's in it for us if we get into there projects. So let me tell you HOW will you profit from SCOneX Token. 🤑 💸 

  • SCOneX Token will be used in part of or wholly for products and services in the Sportcash One Ecosystem Marketplaces.

  • Products and Services will be charged for a certain number of SCOneX Token regardless of the daily value of the SCOneX . This creates true utility through the stability of currency value for the SCOneX Token.

  • SCOneX Token will be the default and reliable Utility Token in the SCONE Ecosystems. SCOneX Token bootstraps and leverages Sportcash One’s success. SCOneX Token is linked to a successful business and business model.

  • SCOneX Token enjoys network effects via SCONE’s Ecosystem and clients. SCOneX Token will not be an obscure token, rather, SCOneX will be pervasive.

  • SCOneX Token will be listed and managed only on reputable exchanges where the Sportcash One Ecosystem is implemented.

  • SCOneX can be traded with other Utility Tokens in its Exchange. Other approved Sports tokens will be invited into the SCONE Exchange Ecosystem. 

  • Every year SCOneX will buy back a percentage of the SCOneX in the marketplace allowing all investors to cash out of some or all of their SCOneX​​​​​​​​

 💚 I love when a project takes care of their members. Just like Sportcash One. 💚

 🏈 Sportcash One affords a loyalty & activity program on all their services. When people post/creates/engage on the social platform or if they are loyal to the platform and buy different products on the market, they will be rewarded with SconeX tokens. With this reward system, customers will be able to swap their SconeX for many items including products from their many vendors, other forms of cryptocurrencies, or cash. This enhances the customer experience by offering a variety of reward redemption options increases program engagement and adds value. KUDOS ON THIS.

Visit and register today in their Sports network and start to earn SCOneX

Since we have been talking about sports and everything. Have you ever wondered who are the TOP WORLD ATHLETES REGISTERED IN THE SCONE SOCIAL PLATFORM? 💭🤔

Let's take a look, shall we? 


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The team has been working their very best to give us the best experience we could ever have! LET'S MEET THEM!

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(past and future plans)


/ October 2018 - Sportcash One project is born

/ January 2019 - First 4 team members join

/ April 2019 - Company registered in Brasil

/ June 2019 - The prototype of the DEX exchange and Wallet released

/ October 2019 - The prototype of the Social network is released R

/ New members added to the Team November 2019

/ March 2020 - Public product Social Network

/ August 2020 - Expand the network of Pro Athletes and Clubs / December 2020 New release of the Social Sponsorship platform


/ Release of SCOnex Token in different exchanges

/ Grant the public access to the upgraded version of the DEX exchange and trading of different tokens

/ Release the reward system with SCOneX the cryptocurrency in the social network

/ New version of the Social network with sponsorship and crowdfunding system integrated

/ New License for Euro trading cryptocurrency market and Asia with branch of a company outside Brasil

/ Sports DeFi activation inside our exchange

/ Expand to Asia market

/ Prototype for NFT tokens for Athletes and Clubs media /Implement Staking Option for cryptocurrencies via our Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

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👇To stay updated with the latest events & updates, please follow their socials:

🐦Sportcash One (@sportcashone) / Twitter 







🌐Home - Sportcash One blockchain DEFI platform for the sports industry

Make sure to check on the telegram because this is the best place to learn their protocol and share information about their product(s). It has all its high-yield and info dense publications. Also, if you have quick queries, then someone would be able to assist you. Sportcashone Telegram 

Sportcash One's goal is to drive traffic to the ProBit, Waves, and SportCashOne CEXes and DEXes to increase trading volume and maintain their price.

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This is not financial advice. ALWAYS DYOR :)


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