Splinterlands Share Your Battle Challenge With War Chaang

This week the team at Splinterlands.com asked us to make a video featuring the War Chaang. This is a new epic card from the untamed set. I don't have it at a high level yet but still was able to win a fight where I was out leveled. I also talk a little bit about the game and a powerful summoner. Can you guess who? If you watch it let me know if you knew who I was talking about. 

If you would like to get a code for a free spellbook sign up with my link then comment with your in-game user name. Include some info about what you think about the game. I will pick a winner to give the code to after I take a look at a few comments and know I am picking someone that will play. I am taking entries on uptrend also so comment early if you want it. You also need to be a subscriber to my channel.  

My link https://splinterlands.com?ref=stever82 

The game is free to try and then $10 to get the spellbook. Once you have the spellbook you earn DEC for each win and get a daily quest to earn rewards. Rewards are cards and potions and the DEC crypto that they used in the game. 

Follow me on Hive to win Dark Energy Crystals. The in-game crypto.  



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