Splinterlands Share Your Battle Challenge with Mantoid

Yup, it is "share your battle" time. Given I started this by showing you that BetFury has some Xmas stuff going on just because some of my followers are into that site for the staking rewards. Splinterlands is a fun game but it is really the ROI that keeps me playing. Also, the group of people that also play the game. It is very fun to go through the hive post and reward people with money for playing the game. It is also fun to try to support people by making videos and sharing them when I can. Sorry, I have become more of a video maker and it takes up more of my time. But trying to get more into finding others supporting this game and then support them. To my new followers thanks, a lot hope you are enjoying what I do. I know it seems I might be more into games but I like the idea of games you earn money playing. I also like projects that pay you for joining them. I am going to try to do more research. I could od those buy these 5 coins to be rich guys but not sure it worth it to just guess as many of them do. Yet I might try it. Once again if you have a project you think I should look at let me know.

My Referral link if you want to play Splinterlands
If you use it tell me I give away cards. If you buy your spellbook so it cost you some money.

Follow me on Hive to win Dark Energy Crystals.

If you want to join Betfury go here

If you want to join Gala Games to Play Town Star go here:

Splinterlands have a partnership with Gala games why I push it here also.








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