Splinterlands | November 2020 Sign-Up Promo Deal

I continue to offer a win-win deal each month in 2020 for new players that want to start playing the Splinterlands game and sign up with my Referral Link. These are all the cards I have on offer to be leased out in November... 

Dark Energy Crystals & Cards Price Update

If anything, the latest updates to the game ( Azmaré Dice, Collection Power, League Leaderboards, Tutoria, Brave Partnership, and the upcoming Land Sale.) have been good for the economy of the game (along with the fact that the whales seem to be done selling cards which helps). The downside is that the gameplay has become less enjoyable as the broken matchups make the game feel pay2win (See "Has Splinterlands gone Pay2Win?" )more than ever before.

I still continue to play with the hope that it will get fixed. Right now, the only ream reason to play is to earn as the game still gives out good rewards to players. Card Prices have gone a lot closer to the value an average pack includes and the DEC price is up to around 0.90$ which is close to the peg. I wrote about how it was an Accumulation Phase for both cards and DEC a couple of months back and things pretty much played exactly so. 

October Sign-Ups

There were 24 new sign-ups last month with 6 of them taking me up on the October Sign-Up Deal I offered by also getting the Summoner's Spellbook. As promised, everyone got the cards leased out to them which instantly boosted their Collection Power to ~5000 multiply which increases the rewards they are able to get without needing to invest more.

I will continue to offer a monthly sign-up deal for those who do want to try the game even though I think the game right now is way too much about Rewards & Greed instead of Gameplay and Fun. I will continue to keep it real and include my criticism on the game as long as facts show that it is valid.

Signing up using a referral link also will give you 1 free random card from the @sl-giveaways account which is a promotion from the Splinterlands team.

There are multiple ways to earn money with the game and I break them all down in my Monthly Results & Earnings Reports. November results will likely be up next week. 

September 2020 | 92.13$
August 2020 | 138.59$
July 2020 | 112.81$
June 2020 | 105.77$
May 2020 | 180.38$
April 2020 | 133.93$
March 2020 | 76.153$
February 2020 | 105.25$
January 2020 | 136.44$

The sign-up procedure changed a bit and no new Hive account is created for players until they get the summoner's spellbook. This makes it impossible for me to confirm that players are on my affiliate list as I can't lease them 1 card so they are sure that they will be getting all the cards leased. In the past, there were a couple cases of players that signed up with my link but didn't get in the list because they already clicked someone else their link first. Feel to leave me a message with the username that was assigned to you if you want to be 100% sure.

This month I will do things a little bit differently on the card delegations. Renting out ~30 to 40 cards takes me quite some time and I'm also slowly running out of them. I tend to keep delegations in place for quite a while especially for those that continue playing the game. This month will be more about leasing out strong individual cards that can be used in almost every game instead of a high quantity of weaker cards that are quite easy to accumulate with DEC that is being earned by playing. This is what those that sign up with my Referral Link will get for as long as I have them available. I will try to make sure, everyone will get at least 4000-5000DEC worth of cards.

1 Strong Legendary Card

Similar to the Summoners these will go out 1 each on a first-come-first-served basis, I have around ~10 Legendary Monsters available for lease at the moment

1 Golden Foil Card

Same deal, these should mostly help to boost collection power as they are worth a lot more since they give 10% extra DEC earnings when used.

Neutral Cards

These are fairly cheap but useful Neutral Cards that can be used in nearly all matches.

More Cards

I might throw in some more cards if I find the time but it's no guarantee. Based on the average number of sign-ups in the last months, I should have enough cards to lease out to everyone. In case they somehow all would go out before the end of the month, I will introduce a new deal with other cards that I will buy on the market this month or recover from previous deals I have been offering. No matter what happens, I make sure everyone that signs up with my Referral Link will get enough cards to get a clear early-game advantage without the direct need to invest anything aside from the 10$ Summoner's Spellbook

I will see which direction the game is going over the next couple of months and see where I go with a continued offering of these monthly deals.

Feel free to contact me on the SBC Discord Channel (username is costanza#2335) if you have questions or want a more extended experience testing the game for free or speed up the delegation process. This deal most likely will be adjusted next month based on the cards I have available. 

Important: Treat games in the first place as games and not as investment opportunities, Splinterlands allows you to earn some money and get good returns but you are much better off flipping burgers in Mcdonalds when looking at the money earned for the time invested.

Hive: https://hive.blog/@costanza
Publish0x: https://publish0x.com/costanza
Twitter: https://twitter.com/costanzabets


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