Hey uptrandians hope you're fine and good 😍. 

Spinach is very beneficial and good for our health it may keep our body healthy. 

I have planted a spinach in my home garden this looks soo beautiful and greeny i love its colour. 

Its sooo amazing looking. 

Spinach is greeny in colour and green leaves that we eat as food it could be also used as raw food. 

We can take it regularly a bowl of spinach at a day its good for health. 

It have vitamin A, vitamins k and vitamin E. 

It may also lose weight its very beneficial for our health too. 

Hope you will like my garden piece of work thanks ❤️ 

Stay Happy and blessed 💞 

Picture captured by my phone camera. 



Marina Nawaz
23 Feb

yes spinach is very beneficial for our health.... Especially for women's very good for there health because there is too much iron in spinach....


preview not available Hamid Owaisi
23 Feb

Spinach is very rich in iron and it helps to regulate body immune system and metabolism. it keeps us healthy too. In order to stay healthy we should add spinach to our salad and diet. That will help us to become fit and strong.


Ayesha Umar
23 Feb

Spinach is very beneficial and good for our health it may keep our body healthy.its rich in iron which is good for bone and eyesight,keep your mind sharp and good for skin...

Thanks for sharing 


Aakash Baloch
23 Feb

I love to eat spinach with butter and bread of Makai. 

As you mentioned its very useful for health, I read somewhere it have iron and vitamins which hepls our body to grow. Spinach also used as salad and helps in weight loss.

is it Palak in header image, urdu name of spinach? Am I right?


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