💜💥Spinach face pack ❤️☀️

In winter, greens are made in every home and everyone, big or small, eats them, but  today I will tell you how this greens can help you to enhance your beauty.


Spinach contains antioxidants, vitamins A, K, C and E, collagen and omega-3 fatty acids which are not only beneficial in food but also help us to enhance our beauty and complexion.

Tip 1:

Wash spinach leaves thoroughly.

* Then dry a few leaves in the sun and put in a mixer to prepare the powder.

* Mix one tablespoon of yogurt and two tablespoons of this powder in the basin.

 * Then apply on face for 20 minutes and wash off when dry.

Tip 2:

* After boiling the greens, separate the water and add two tablespoons of mud mask and egg yolk.

* Take the ready-made green tea mask.

* Now apply it on the face and wash off when dry.

You must also use this tip and clean the dry skin, dark circles and open pores.

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Kinza Hasmhi
23 Jan

Everyone know girls want to look beautiful and do everything for looking beautiful

So we try to Gain Everything which is helpful for beauty 

like greenish vagetable or tree these are all helpful for Heath and also for beauty

and these tip are very helpful for face beauty's


Chidiebere Nze
23 Jan

This pack works like a sun cream on the face.


Salim Ansari
23 Jan

Almond face mask for fair and glowing skin This homemade face mask of almonds can do wonders with the colour of your skin


Hameed khan
23 Jan

i have spot on my face i think this trick help me in removing spot. Spanish and yugort are easily availalbe and how much spinach we have to take. We have to dry the spinach till it will easily turn into powder form without any resistance. Reply me


Dushka Aziz
23 Jan

Wooo its a nayural grediands are benificial gor our skin..  Thats very good gor us..  Oyher then chemicals... 







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