Spent time with parents ~

❣People say first love is real love i agree because my first love is my parents and this post is for all of you read carefully❣

🥀God has given me a precious gift🍃

🥀My success, my happiness are due to them🍃

🥀They are like spring in autumn and roses in the desert🍃

 🥀They are the ones who love us unconditionally🍃

🥀And live with us without any interest🍃  

🥀If they are not in life, then life is incomplete🍃

🍃I Don't know when people grow up and become wise then consider parents as a burden i would say their presence is a blessing of God for us.  Just as a tree holds all the branches together, so our parents keep children together and do not allow them to scatter❣

🍃I have seen many boys and girls who don't give time to their parents and mostly when parents are old they are sent to old home why people can't understand they are doing wrong old home is for those who don't have family if your parents are living in old home while you are alive and finantionally stable then it's curse upon you because when you were a kid your parents didn't sent you to orphanage be a good kid don't be selfish here ....

👉If your father or mother is ill or having health issues like blood pressure depression or anxiety you are the main reason for it because you are busy in your own life you don't sit with them they just need your time nothing else you have heard money can't buy happiness so stop collecting money collect good memories with family eat together plan little trips and outing have chit chat with family do some fun acts this is your duty🍃

👉Spent time with parents not everyone is blessed with them those who don't have their parents alive they cry for them you are lucky that you have them with you their prayers are reason of your success don't hurt them never make them sad if parents are angry God becomes angry🍃

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Ishmael Kelechi
26 Jan

Your parents are asset to you and the should be valued with your precious time, don't be far from them. Keep your parents closer, care for them and let them be loved. They have been there for you too.


26 Jan


and many people don't know the worth of it...

thanks for sharing this


M.A Khan
26 Jan

Yes @Fatima J we must have to spend time with our parents. Parents are the blessings and precious gifts from Allah. It is very sad that my children feel that their parents are burden rather they spend whole life for us. It's sad that children never spend time with their parents rather they spent whole life to make us happy. We must have to thankful to Allah for these precious gifts otherwise ask to those who have not parents in their lives. May Allah bless all our parents Ameen. 


Khadija Sheikh
26 Jan

Parents are a great blessing from God for us.

People who treat their parents badly can never live a good life.

People who treat their parents the same way today will be treated the same tomorrow ...

In the end, the same thing happens to people who do it...


Balvinder Suri
27 Jan

Your comparison between an old home and orphanage is the highlight of the post for me. So short of words as hold this topic as oneof the most sensitive perhaps because of loosing parents that early in life when couldn't understand the importance of parents.

In reality parents are a blessing which as per me is  much bigger than any cherished treasure in Life. You are one ofthose lucky blessed people. God Bless You.







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