Spend some time with friends

Assalam u Alaikum to all uptrenndians. 

I hope you all are doing well and enjoying the good health status.

I wanna talk about the quality time spend with friends. I wanna request you that please spend some time with your friends.  Friends are the gems of our life. They help us alot in alot of situations. They suggest us a good piece of advice and a person's personality is determined from its gathering. 

We all are busy in life . But we should spend some time with our friends and this time is called quality time. Ask about their life situations and share your life experiences with them and also seek advice from your friends. 

A true friend is recognised by his suggestion. 

There are three ways of determining the friends 

You should travel with your friend 

You should ask advice from your friend 

You should eat with your friend 

These three strategies helps you alot of knowing how much  your friend is sincere with you..



Saman Aslam
24 Nov

Yes we should spend our some time with our close and good friends because the company of friends makes us happy. We can share our feeling of sorrow and happiness with them frankly 


Abiodun Akanbi
24 Nov

Nobody can do without a friend and in every friendship time is needed to spend with each other.


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