Space storm in Earth's atmosphere, GPS system may be affected

Scientists have confirmed space storms in the Earth's atmosphere for the first time. The storm was seen hundreds of miles from the North Pole.

According to experts, the space storm also had the properties of electron rain and other hurricanes.

The intensity of the anti-clockwise hurricane lasted for 8 hours and then gradually decreased. Scientists have warned that such storms could affect the GPS system.

The space storm had all the characteristics of a hurricane, but instead of raining, electrons were raining.

Large amounts of solar energy and the transfer of charged particles to the Earth's upper atmosphere are likely to cause such storms.

Such storms have previously been seen on Mars, Saturn and Jupiter, but are the first to be seen in Earth's atmosphere. As a result, radio waves, satellite navigation and communications systems are at risk.

The center, spread, and resemblance of a space storm are exactly the same as those of a hurricane, which is formed when a large amount of energy and a large number of particles pass through one place.







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