Space Jam is Back with LeBron James!

I remember the first Space Jam movie.. That was my glorious time.. I was too young and life was full of fun.. As an NBA fan Space Jam was too effective for me, i believe i have watch it more than 20 times..

Jordan was a superstar of the world and the others were also big celebrities.. I remember my man "The Ironman" A. C. Green was there.. He was really my man.. I remember his defensive game plays and endless energy.. Anyways two big man Horace Grant and Charles Oakley were there.. Danny Ainge, Steve Kerr.. Oh i forget Divac :) Those were the good days and the movie was amazing..

It was unique.. No one have seen that kind of movie at that time.. That was 1996 and internet was just started.. Actually everything were unique and happy in 90's..

And now.. The second part is coming and i have just watched the trailer..

Did i like it? Yes! Totally loved it.. I believe LeBron look great as an actor :)

And now i want you to decide.. Do you like or nah?

LeBron is in leading role ofcourse and we also will see Damian Lillard, Anthony Davis and Klay Thompson in this movie.. Also we will watch WNBA star Diana Taurasi as well.. We also see all Warner Bros heros in the movie and the leader is Buggs Bunny as always :D

At the beginning of the movie King James turns to a cartoon and al adventure starts with that.. I also can say that at the end there are big basketball game for us. Team LeBron against the Aliens.. Just like the first movie..

I only watched the trailer which is 2:37 minutes but i have seen something which made me cheer :) Do you remember the Big "LeBron - Wade" dunk?

This one:

Lolo bunny and LeBron doing just the same.. I believe this was a great touch.. Loved it!

As far i see there will be a great musics.. R&B, Rap and electronic.. I am hoping for showtime!

And last one thing, i am sure we will have lots of fun with tweety and Granny, there is a very funny scene at the trailer, i can't wait to watch whole of it :)

The movie will release on July 16 so we have to wait 2 more months..

Thank you for reading me

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Musawir Ali
04 Apr

I saw the previous movie, it was fun and so entertaining. Gonna wait till July for this movie. 

LeBron James is the superstar of the game


Ishmael Kelechi
04 Apr

Lebron James is phenomenal anytime. The more reason I am going to to a look at this. It's hopes to be a thriller. 


Atanda Davido
04 Apr

This will be a blockbuster movie, 2 months of wait...ohhh I can't wait any longer, it's lebron James guys the movie will break many records


Ifiok Eso
04 Apr

Wow, Lebron James is involve, this means the movie will be the best of its kind. I have always been a big fan Lebron James and can't wait to see what he will come with in the movie..


Captain Philips
04 Apr

Woah, I can't wait to see a Gen Z Bugs Bunny partner with LeBron in the second installment of Space Jam. Trust me, I still remember the while "I believe I can fly" soundtrack from R.Kelly. 







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