Space Hurricane Discovered Above the North Pole Raising Electrons Instead of Rain

For the first time, scientists have observed a space hurricane whirling above the North Pole. This offered the first time a glimpse into a phenomenon believed to be possible on other planets in the universe.

A team of scientists led by Shandong University of China noticed the great hurricane in question. The team analyzed satellite observations made in August 2014 to create a three-dimensional image of the phenomenon occurring in the ionosphere, where Earth's atmosphere meets outer space.

What they found was a rotating plasma mass that behaved very similar to wind-based weather phenomena seen on Earth. But unlike hurricanes that can be observed on the planet's surface, the space counterpart was raining electrons instead of water.

Occurring above the North Pole, spreading over a thousand kilometers, the space hurricane rotated counterclockwise, similar to the surface-centered hurricanes in the Northern Hemisphere, and lasted about 8 hours until it finally ended.

It was determined that the hurricane, like its counterparts in the world, has a calm center, multiple spiral arms and wide circulation.

Such hurricanes; Increasing satellite drift and disturbances in high-frequency radio communications are thought to be responsible for significant effects on space weather effects, such as more errors in beyond-the-horizon radar positioning, satellite navigation, and communication systems.

The process may also be important for the interaction between interstellar winds and other star systems in the universe, according to research published in the journal Nature Communications.

Space weather became a particularly focused area of research with the advent of satellite technology in the 1950s and the observation of the first solar winds (the flow of charged particles from the Sun through the Solar System) in the late 1950s.

Scientists believe that space hurricanes can also occur near other planets and satellites that have a magnetic field and plasma (where matter gets too hot in its gaseous state, its atoms split into independently moving electrons and ions, thus making Earth's magnetism easily affected by forces such as repulsion and pull). .

Until now it was unclear whether space plasma hurricanes even existed, so it is incredible to prove this with such a striking observation.

Tropical storms are associated with large amounts of energy, and these space hurricanes must have been formed by the unusually large and rapid transfer of solar wind energy and charged particles to the Earth's upper atmosphere.

"Plasma and magnetic fields are present all over the universe in the planets atmosphere, so the findings suggest space hurricanes must be a common phenomenon."



Muhammad Iqbal
02 Mar


Very nice looking pictures... but may be something dangerous for human beings.

Your article is perfect and you are really hardworker.


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