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South Africa Will Implement Measures To Prevent Evasion Of Currency Using Cryptocurrency.

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єиgя. ѕαмєѕτ Olapade 2 months ago

It is a great deal to see Africa countries making huge waves in the crypto world. This is a positive sign of huge adoption.

Alberto Dionisio 2 months ago

South Africa is adopting hugely BTC and Investments in the crypto space are increasing that is letting to Financial to start seeking for few Regulations!

Imo Clement Ekuma 2 months ago

Africa has already welcomed crypto and government saying all these can be said beating around the Bush 

Alberto Dionisio 2 months ago

Yes they are starting to get worried about movement In the Field of Crypto and believe thay some Regulations may be good to avoid Evasion.

Hafsa Mansoor 2 months ago

great article, africa is adopting cryptocurrency which is really good for their future

Alberto Dionisio 2 months ago

Yes Hafsa Africa is getting involved in Crypto like never before and the mass adoption is starting to bring positive results to the society,many youngsters are living from Cryptocurrency and reducing the unemployment!

Itliker Shadda 2 months ago

Africa had been always welcoming Cryptocurencies. and always produces favorable environment for Cryptocurrency. 

Alberto Dionisio 2 months ago

This is particularly Great to see this movements in the Field and seeing that adoption is ongoing!

Kostas Tsakaloglou 2 months ago

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you. then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win!

Alberto Dionisio 2 months ago

You always win ..you just need patient 👌


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