Soooo, he is my most favourite uptrennd core team member.....💞 who is he? 🤔

So, this is a rough sketch as I spent only two hours in making this. The very first time I used charcoal sticks and graphite pencils combo and it turned out amazing. 

He is one of my most favourite personalities on uptrennd, Steve T88888. His nature is so calm and soft. 

He used to hold freewrite contests and I really miss participating in them now. 

BTW his picture was so not so clear so I felt difficulty in sketching this but I think it's quite close. 

Well, what you think how this sketch is??? Comment below 💕




Arham Ali
13 Oct

Sorry  i don't  know him but You have also done a great art of piece ...this art show that you are a complete artist and you have full of art skills


preview not available St3v3 T88888
10 Nov

She done a great drawing of me well done for her efforts


Fame Ojile
13 Oct

Wao. You are really good with the drawing ability. Soo nice


Hania Nawaz
13 Oct

Oh hafsa you always take my heart away with your art. Hey will you skatch my face?  Hahahahhahah just kidding. 

But hafsa.... 

Face skatching is not allowed in Islam. I know it's your own will I am no one to tell this to you but just letting you know.. ..

You can do amazing work with the natural scenes and they could be even sold as sceneries. 


Hafsa K
13 Oct

Yeah I know about that...

Once I get all my favourite drawing stuff and I'll quit making faces. Cuz for now I have only two or three pencils and I have no high quality shading skills to make landscapes.


Adnan Aadi
13 Oct

How that's amazing and outstanding art I appreciate your hard work and I like your artwork


Maryam Ghaffar
13 Oct

Wow dear you are really good artist , art is the God gifted thing and you are blessed with it,,  you sketched it very beautifully ,,I hope Steve also like his sketch,, stay blessed and happy Ameen ,,enjoy 2UP Tuesday 







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