SOMEE (ONG1) now trading on Atomars

Atomars Exchange is proud to announce the listing of SOMEE (ONG1) with the trading pair: ONG1/USDT.

SoMee is a Gamified Blockchain social hub with a Privacy Dashboard & multiple monetization options redefining social media.

To start trading ONG1 today, visit

ZERO 0% trading fee for ONG1/USDT pair until 14.10.2020

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Dmi Tree
14 Sep

Interesting that Somee is a social platform with its out token like UpTrennd. Ong1 as also 1UP is  erc20 token that probably suffers from Gas. 

Could Atomars help to avoid gas charges for UpTrennd token distribution via exchange wallets. Like ong1 is distributed via a faucet on Atomars? If yes, maybe we can have another post to community as Ethereum transactions are costly and this is not recommended to withdraw to exchange ...



Atomars Exchange
16 Sep

Great comment and question.
We are open to any suggestion and if that is beneficial for the project community then it's totally something we would like to support.

Faucets help to make project visible for the wider audience, even when its a small amount of coins plenty of visitors will see the project details (you can see we share link to the project website and social accounts as well).

Please get in touch with our team to discuss the options



Dmi Tree
16 Sep

Thanks for your detailed reply. I can only post a suggestion. Which I described in a separate post.

I will try to get more attention and publish this idea in UpTrennd optimisation community!

Although I do not know all technical details. UpTrennd may want transaction confirmation on blockchain and , if so, it will involve gas. But maybe there are good options. 



Atomars Exchange
18 Sep

Interesting topic.

First of all need to understand the origin of the tokens that you withdraw. Are you talkig about those you acquired during the pre-sale or some similar process and that were locked in smart contract due to the unlock schedule? Or we are talking about tokens that are a reward from staking?



Dmi Tree
18 Sep

It is about 1up we earn on this platform. You may try to withdraw tokens you have to see the process. 

1UP tokens are earned on this platform. There are 2 transactions needed to sell them (or change, or stake)  :

1) transfer from UpTrennd to a private wallet. It costs 40 1up per withdrawal but more to UpTrennd

2) send 1up to exchange, swap etc that may cost up to 10usd

In addition to that, UpTrennd and platforms like Publish0x are delaying catch better moment. There were posts here claiming transfer from UpTrennd may take 8 day. 

The idea may to distribute tokens off Ethereum blockchain. One transfer to exchange and then token are distributed to exchange wallet per withdrawal request. Will it work? I do not know because UpTrennd may want to have payment confirmation on blockchain. 

The goal is to skip one or 2 expensive transfers on Ethereum.

If this is possible, withdrawals can be free and at any amount. 

Even if it would be possible to send 1up directly to exchange wallet, it will be one transaction less. 



Atomars Exchange
19 Sep

Thank you for your comment and details.

We would love to help with the distribution, but the way it can be done requires full trust and transparency between Uptrennd and Atomars team.
The only way the process will make sense and help to reduce the transaction fees is if the following conditions are met:
1. 1UP is listed on Atomars exchange
2. All users that are willing to participate in such distribution process will have to register on Atomars exchange
3. Uptrennd team will need to transfer 1UP tokens in bulk to the exchange wallet and then provide the information of the users and reward amount to be distributed. This can be done in two ways - Uptrennd team provides emails of the users that they used to open account on Atomars, or they collect the username only and share it with us and our team does the rest. However based on the previous similar distributions there are always cases when users either mistype or provide the wrong information and we need to check any case individually (which is ok and a standard process, but leads to negative feedback each time, even when it's a users mistake).

One thing with the distribution is that it's not an onchain process, but rather a wallet balance update on the exchange, so the only way Uptrennd team can see the amount of tokens is to check our wallet on Etherscan and cross check it with the info we provide to them privately. This, as mentioned above, requires full trust and transparency between the parties, which is not an issue on our side.

Either way this is just an idea, unless Uptrennd team contacts our team to discuss the topic.








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