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She was crying badly, dial the number of a friend who is her supporter. She wants to listen to her sounds which give her life but today she can't stop crying. She is sensitive but peoples can't understand her ways herself, last night she was thinking if her friend left her then what happened with her who supports her who will listen to her excuses her blames her laugher & all extra things. The phone flickering the message appears on her phone screen.

Stop considering yourself poor/ sympathy 😓.

The sympathy she is not sympathy gaining person, she loves to talk with her sharing her problems with her but she was not right, the friend is also a human being she also left her why she with her why she disturbing her so much even know that Allah is only her friend.

She is silent now, her tears are silents now she only tells her problems to Allah. Not complaining not gaining just talks too much & say thank You to Allah who tells her no one is with her. Some Sounds give you life & now that sounds are for her is the sound of Allah.

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Tayyab Hasnain
09 Jan

God is our best friend , He is the only one who listens to us and solves our problems.. 







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