Some people take us out of the darkness and show us happiness and then leave us in the dark again

Dear uptrendianns 

Assalam o Alaikum !

Some people play an important role in our lives 

when they come into our lives.First of all, they are trying to fix the flaws in us and tell us that the real purpose of life is that you were going the wrong way or you shouldn't have done it.

They innocently tell us the real purpose of life,

that if you follow this path you will have success or you will forget your past and start a new life because the future to come is very beautiful.And your future is to decide your life and how you want to build your future is in your hands.

Because of these people, we give up all our evil thoughts and evil ways 

and we start walking towards the path that they show us.Well we should not follow other people but there are some people in this world who also play an important role in showing us a straight path and giving us a beautiful life.

Because in the situation we were living in, there was a lot of sadness and And we faced loneliness all the time until we hid in the dark for fear of the light.

But when some people hold our hand and lead us to the light

And we ourselves think that now we have come to the light, now we do not have to go into the darkness again, now we do not have to face sorrow and loneliness again..

But it hurts a lot when the same people tell us that we can't control your life.You live your life alone now. You were good in the way you were before. What kind of person is there in this world who shows happiness to a person and then leaves him alone?

Thanks for reading

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preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
20 Oct

It is true, many times those people who help us at some point to overcome certain difficulties once they see that we have already solved, turn their back on us, that is a bit disappointing but in life we must be prepared for everything


Mohammad Arslan
19 Oct

Not only our life, everyone's life is a huge test and we get all kinds of people from whom we have to learn a lesson for our life and we have to achieve success by going through such difficulties.


Sadiq Raimi Adewale
19 Oct

It is quite unfortunate that some people will.invite you to come and eat yet they will still hold our hands, this idea is strictly bad because when you remove someone from the trouble, you need not to be like dictatorship in such a Peron life.


Marva Noureen
19 Oct

You are right ,There are many people in our life who take us out of the dark and take them towards the light .But when these people bring us out of the darkness and bring them into the light, then there will be some benefit of these people, due to which they leave us again and say that now we will not support you and now you have to do your own  .So these people are not sincere with us


19 Oct

Well you are really right sir as everyone that comes and goes in our life are here to fix or teach us a lesson and in doing so we tend to meet some people who change us totally from our evil ways and show us the light leading us by the hand to it..but it is really hard to endure the pain when that same person disappoints us in future.. but it's all a lesson to be learnt in life..


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