Some love always hidden 😉

Dear uptrendianns

Assalam O Alaikum

There are a lot of people in our lives who are always afraid of losing us and even though they love us, they still can't express their love to us.

Even though they are secretly watching us 

even though they are always waiting for our message even though they always believe that we will text or call them  but we didn't want to talk to them but they always waiting for us and they always hidden everything because they don't want to lose us . 

Do you know why this happens 

if someone has feelings for us in his heart but they don't like to show us ? Because friendship is more beautiful than love in my eyes because in friendship we quarrel with each other or we are angry with each other but still we hug each other and say sorry to each other .

But that doesn't happen in love whenever we fight each other or angry to each other At that moment, misunderstandings begin to form within us.It is because of misunderstandings that we lose someone forever..

Is there anyone in your life that you love him/her so much but you can't express your love to him/her?

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muhammad waseem Iqbal
10 Nov

I think in the life we are just gather to the friend and people and we fall in love with them I think that the postion we can't express something with them because we fear to loose their friendship that why most of the people have hidden there love forever and I seen many people like that,my conditions is now time is that she study with me in my university I see him From far and can't share anything with him


Esmee Smith
10 Nov

I think often love if expressed can create more problems and also friendships and good times could die as well. So yeah sometimes love stays hidden in the due process. This happens to many in this life.


Muhammad Ali
10 Nov

yes dear iam totally agree with you because i also love someone and not till my friend 😊because I fear they told them


Dr.Jenny .
10 Nov

I have someone who iss too arrogrant Therefore i don't express my feeling to himm

love is a sweet feeling without any give and take if someone don't value your emotions stay away from them...  


Divine sharp
10 Nov


Best love for friendship don't show intimacy, if not it will end,  I mean it will not last. 


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