Some importance of animals for human beings.

Importance of animals.

The teachings of Islam are eternal and universal where Islam has taught us the rights of Allah and the rights of worshipers.  On the other hand, by determining the rights of other living beings, Muslims have been ordered to pay them. Islam has not left any corner of human life which has not been clarified.  Allah Almighty did not create animals for no purpose.  While animals are a means of transportation, transportation, and meat, some animals, birds, and reptiles are responsible for cleaning up the planet's environment.  Water densities, while bats, herons, hyenas, partridges, quails and ground-dwelling insects are playing their full environmental role by producing decorative products, valuable jewelry, clothing and medicines from wild animals  Valuable foreign exchange is being earned all over the world today, so wild animals, birds and reptiles are very important due to their ecological, genetic, social, economic, educational, recreational and aesthetic role.

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Rooman Rahim
26 Nov

Quality article no doubt animals play a key role in the economy of any country

Animals are great blessing from Almighty Allah


Maryam Ghaffar
26 Nov

Animals are great blessing of ALLAH almighty.  Allah almighty blessed everyone with food. Like Food chain .they play important role in our society. 


Saira Kakar
26 Nov

Animals are great blessing of Allah and serve us different ways for food and like its gives us meat milk for food 


Abdul Rehman
27 Nov

Not only the animals are source of meat,milk produts,hides,eggs,milk by products etc as you mentionin your articel...halal animals are integral part of ecology ....they are beneficial in every aspect for humans beings,we should be thankful for the innumerable blessings of Allah


Abdul Raouf
01 Dec

Here is my Muslim brother keep guiding bro. Allah will help people like us who are trying to make people consider the importance of animals.







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