Hi Uptrenndians! How are you! I hope you are well. Today I am going to give you some information about a place which is said to be the largest ICE SHEET in the world. That is, the snow is spread over a large area in this place. This area is known as ANTARCTICA

This beautiful place covers an area of 14 million square kilometers. That is, two hundred and six countries like Sri Lanka can be formed in this region. The beauty and popularity of this area depends on the extent of the snow. Only 2% of Antarctica is free of snow. Except for 2% , 98% of the area is covered with a beautiful sheet of snow. 

Snow in this area is 90% of all the earth's ice. Seventy percent of freshwater is found in the form of frozen ice. Waste of this area is a long way off. Because the minimum temperature in Antarctica is minus 89 degrees. It is considered to be the highest peak in Antarctica. It is 16,000 feet above sea level.

You would be surprised if we talk about the thickness of the ice sheet in Antarctica. Because a layer of frozen ice is more than 16,000 feet thick. It is said that if all the ice in the area melted, our sea would rise to 200 feet.

Antarctica is an entire continent. It is also called the Ice Desert. That is, we can call this region Mars. The planets of Mars and Antarctica are identical. A six-month night occurs in the Antarctic region. This is all because of the tilt of the earth.



Fawad Akhtar
22 Nov

16000 feet thick ice,, ohh it's really so dangerous continent,, I have heard many times about this ice desert but the thickness of ice is really surprising for me,, I didn't knew it before 


hassan raza
22 Nov

It's really intresting that the whole antarcita covered with ice. I really don't know about this before thanks for sharing this inforamtion with us.


Humaira Khattak
22 Nov

Www what a great information. 

I am thankful to you for this information coz before that I have never listen about that 


victor vickyrich
22 Nov

Yeah, Antarctica is the only ice desert I have heard of and its coolness can lead to freezing point. For it to be a continent,I wonder if there are living creatures in it.


Unwana Sunday Akpan
22 Nov

Wow! This is to tell how powerful nature is with it amazing wonders. This is quite interesting, and one of the beauty of mother earth.

Thanks for sharing. 








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